I don’t think anyone has played a Gameloft game yet. The latter company is well known, always dazzling us with its wonderful games on Android and iPhone systems, as it includes the most famous games on mobile.

In this article, we are generally going to learn about the best Gameloft games for Android and iPhone in 2021, below is our list of choices based on them. user experience and evaluation.

The best Gameloft games for Android and iPhone

1. Gangstar Vegas: World of Crime

If you enjoy the open world and gangster games, this is the game for you. One of Gameloft’s most popular games, with more downloads from Google Play and the App Store. It’s similar to the GTA game, except it’s on mobile and includes additional cool features such as an augmented reality camera and various weapons in addition to other tools. It is very wonderful and distinct in terms of graphics and control, and simulation is also one of the most important factors that contributed to the game’s success. The game has received over 50 million downloads and a rating of 4.3 on Google Play.

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2. Asphalt 9

I think you’ve heard of Asphalt, One of the most famous and best games from Gameloft, it includes many versions of Asphalt as it often releases a new one advanced version every year. This game features realistic cars with high-quality graphics as well as smooth driving control and challenging and fun racing. Asphalt 9 is among the best Android games that support the controller. It is through the latter that you will run with distinctive control. The game has recorded over 50 million downloads from Google Play Store.

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3. Modern Combat 5

Gameloft releases new versions of the game after each period, and this game is the fifth and final version. Modern Combat 5 has had over 100 million downloads on the Android system from the Google Play Market alone, regardless of IOS and other stores.

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4. Brothers in Arms 3

This game is considered to be one of the most famous and best produced by Gameloft in the mobile gaming arena, so it is necessary to include it in this list.

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5. wild blood

This game is paid for and exclusively on Android. The game features fantastic events and fights various evil creatures found in castles and other areas. Similar to the game God of war The famous one, its events and creatures are somewhat similar, and it is characterized by distinctive and high-resolution graphics.

Download the game: For the android

6. Six guns

If you like to play Cowboy, this game is the most suitable option which simulates Cowboy characters in the countryside and fights enemies with classic p*stols, r*fles, and machine guns. Is a Six G*ns game One of the most important games from Gameloft which has attracted and admired millions of players on Android and iOS platforms? The game managed to collect over 10 million downloads from the Google Play Store alone, regardless of other stores.

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7. NOVA Legacy

One of the best fighting and war games in the automated world, this Gameloft game presents itself in the style of war and fighting robot characters that have supernatural abilities, as a player in the game a robot, You have advanced and powerful w*apons to face and kill your enemies with the aim of leveling up and unlocking more features in the game.

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8. Dragon Mania Legends

If you like dragons, cucumbers, and magic you will love this game. You are on a secret island called DRAGOLANDIA which has hundreds of various dragons. You have to build your legendary city and create a team of dragons in a world full of magic, raising and training them in order to strengthen and develop their forces, with the objective of fighting epic battles across the islands and other regions.

The game has a lot of internal features, collect gems, money, dragon races, and other things that you can find out by playing the game. Personally, I tried the game for a while and I think that if you play it frequently, you will get addicted to it. The game got over 50 million downloads from the Google Play Store and a 4.4 rating.

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9. Sniper Fury

One of the best and most famous Gameloft and sn*per game, the Sniper game stands out with its high-resolution graphics and simulation of killing villains from afar and with various sniper weapons. You have to stand firm and observe the enemy from afar through the Sniper rifle scope and shoot the bullet at the right time in order to successfully complete the mission and move on to the most difficult mission. The game includes various weapons that you can use, in addition to other tools that will help you complete your missions.

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10. Gods of Rome

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In the end, I hope that these games belonging to the leader Gameloft will have won your admiration. I chose them after the experience and studied them in terms of graphics, ideas, and simulations of course because, without these three pillars, the pleasure of playing is not going to be satisfied.


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