Smart Speakers or Speakers not only allow you to listen to your favorite music, podcasts and audiobooks, but can also act as a hub for your smart home devices. With it, you can give instructions and control your appliances connected by smart plugs, turn lights off and on with smart switches, among other things.

You do all that control with your voice, allowing you to perform other tasks while controlling your home devices or enjoying your music.

The best smart speakers to buy

Best budget smart speakers;

1. Google Home Mini

  • Its construction and design give it a minimalist look.
  • The speaker is also quite small, weighing just 173 grams, allowing you to place it almost anywhere in your home.
  • Being from Google, it integrates into google voice assistant (In my opinion, the best so far).
  • You can ask about the weather, predictions, daily schedule, make calls, control household devices, Wiki-style random questions, request any song, and much more.
  • Activate the google voice assistant from a distance, even if you are playing a song.

2. Amazon Echo Dot

This Speaker is even smaller than the Google Home Mini and also weighs less at just 163 grams.

It sounds almost as good as the Google Home Mini and it also includes a 7-microphone array that allows you to easily call Alexa, no matter where you are in the room. I must say that even in noisy environments, the Echo Dot didn’t miss a single command of mine.

Your assistant, Alexa, is capable of playing songs, making calls, setting alarms and reminders, controlling smart home devices like lights, plugs, and televisions, and much more.

3. Eufy Genie

The Eufy Genie is for you if you love Alexa but want a speaker that sounds a little better than the Amazon Echo Dot without costing much more.

The Eufy Genie, with its 2W speaker, provides dynamic sound and room-filling sound, allowing you to fully enjoy your favorite tunes.

The speaker is also very well constructed and is only slightly larger than the Echo Dot. As previously stated, if you want better audio quality from your Amazon Echo Dot, this is the speaker to get.

Best Smart Mid-Range Speakers

4. Google Home

As we’ve already talked about the power of the Google Assistant in the Google Home Mini section, here, the only thing we’ll be talking about is the speaker itself.

The speaker is built like a tank and has a very solid feel to it. Google Home comes with a pair of woofers with 51mm drivers that produce excellent sound quality. I mean, you won’t be improvising a party at home, but it’s great to listen to every day.

If you want more power, you can buy multiple Google Homes and play the same song on all of them at the same time. If you want, you can also use Chromecast audio to send music from your Google Home to your home theater.

5. Amazon Echo Plus

Amazon Echo Plus is the older brother of the Echo Dot. That means everything you can do with the Echo Dot, you can do better with the Echo Plus.

The Echo Plus has a 2.5-inch woofer and a 0.8-inch tweeter for excellent sound quality. The speaker never distorts, even at maximum volume.

In addition to the woofer and tweeters, the Echo Plus also has a seven-microphone array with improved noise cancellation. This allows the Echo Plus to hear you from across the room even in noisy environments or while music is playing.

The best premium smart speakers

6. Sonos One

Sonos One is an audiophile speaker. This is probably the best sounding speaker available on the market right now.

The speaker includes two Class D digital amplifiers, a tweeter and a mid woofer along with adjustable bass and treble controls.

There are also six far-field microphone array systems used for intelligent voice capture and noise cancellation. Together they ensure that you get exceptional audio quality.

The best part about buying the Sonos One is that you don’t have to choose between Google Assistant or Alexa, as the speaker is compatible with both voice assistants.

Another great new to Sonos is that you can easily link multiple Sonos speakers together to create a home theater system that lets you play music on one or all of your speakers at once.

7. Harman Kardon Allure

The Harmon Kardon Allure is one of the most distinctively designed smart speakers on the market right now. The speaker has a metal base and a clear glass top with multi-color response lighting that changes depending on the song being played.

There is also a 4-microphone voice recognition technology that allows you to be heard from across the room. When it comes to the voice assistant, Alexa integration is being achieved here.

Harman Hardon’s speaker delivers exceptional sound quality, with omni-directional drivers and a subwoofer producing rich, powerful 360-degree sound that fills every corner of the room.

8. HomePod

I end up with Apple’s speaker, the HomePod. It offers incredible quality thanks to its 360º hi-fi audio that adapts to your location.

As for music, you have to have an Apple Music account and to control your smart home and daily tasks use Siri.

Its 6 microphones around it allow you to capture the command “Hey Siri” from a distance without having to raise your voice and even while listening to music.

If you have several devices from the Apple ecosystem, this speaker is ideal.

Upcoming Speakers on the market

9. Netgear Orbi Voice

These speakers are signed Harman Kardon, one of the leaders in the audio market.

  • Speaker with the Alexa assistant that connects to most streaming services.
  • Transmit data up to 3Gbps.
  • 3.5 ” woofer and a tweeter for highs.

10. Huawei AI Cube

Recently unveiled, Huawei lands on smart speakers by bringing Alexa and 4G connectivity.

  • Amazon Alexa voice assistant.
  • Includes SIM card slot with 4G / LTE support.
  • Interact with other devices by being able to establish itself as a Wi-Fi point.
  • Socket for Ethernet cable connection.
  • 15 Watt power with 4 microphones.

11. LG Wk7

This speaker is one of the first products to emerge from the new partnership between LG and Meridian.

Its cylindrical shape similar to other brands, works through Wi-Fi or Bluetooth4.0 powered by Google Assistant and the ThinQ brand (LG artificial intelligence products). The Speaker also has a Chromecast built-in, allowing it to transmit and interact with other sources.

The LG WK7 supports all common file formats, and native high resolution 24bit / 96kHz and 24bit / 192kHz audio playback.

Google Home Hub

The family of Google speakers is now growing with this version that includes a 7-inch touch screen that connects directly to the power and network.

  • Answer questions with the speaker (assistant) or by displaying the results on the screen.
  • You can interact with Google Assistant intuitively.
  • It has the Ambient EQ function that adapts its brightness and screen color according to the environment of the room.
  • Show the results with images, videos with steps for example for cooking recipes.
  • Control all Google and Nest devices (cameras, Light, lock) with the Home View function.
  • Put in presentation the photos of Google Photos.