Do you want to disconnect from everything and spend your holidays playing the best video games on the Roblox platform? So, here is a list of 11 Roblox games that you should not miss this summer.

1. JailBreak

JailBreak is one of the most popular games on the Roblox platform, with over 85,000 players. The plot revolves around two opposing groups: the cops and the robbers. Any player’s goal will be determined by the team they join. To be a successful criminal, you must join a team of thieves or prisoners and escape from prison as many times as possible. As a police officer, you must ensure that the thieves do not flee, arrest them, and put an end to the robberies.

2. SharkBite

SharkBite is an online multiplayer Roblox game in which the player controls a voracious shark. This shark will be in the sea, surrounded by boats. Different players will pilot these ships. Ships controlled by players must try to survive and avoid being destroyed by the shark while it hunts them down. In the player’s case, the shark must destroy all of the ships in order to win.

3. Restaurant Tycoon 2

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Among the top ten Roblox games to play this summer is Restaurant Tycoon 2, in which you must manage your own restaurant. To accomplish this, you must make an effort to prepare the best international dishes, but you must also treat your customers exquisitely, as they are the ones who leave you money. You will need to hire a staff of workers from the start, receive orders, prepare the food, and ensure that it is delivered to the customer on time.

4. Adopt Me!

Roblox Games

Among the 11 Roblox games, you should not miss this summer is Restaurant Tycoon 2, in which you will have to manage your own restaurant e. To accomplish this, you must make an effort to prepare the best international dishes, but you must also treat your customers exquisitely, as they are the ones who leave you the money. From the start, you’ll need to hire staff, take orders, prepare the food, and make sure it’s delivered on time to the customer.

5. MeepCity

If you’ve heard of or played the Sims game for PC, you won’t find it strange to play on Meepcity. This game simulates real-life by allowing you to create characters and interact with friends and family, as well as choose your clothes and the design of your home. This game is one of the most popular on Roblox, with over 7,000 million views.


If you think that Piggy is an adorable little pig, you are either quite wrong or wrong. Piggy is truly a horror game where you can play alone or between multiple players. The objective of the game is clear: you must complete tasks in a certain time while you manage to survive the attacks of a possessed pig inside a huge mansion. Pay attention because Piggy can be found in any corner and finish you.

7. Work At a Pizza Place

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Work at a Pizza Place is a must-see if you’ve ever wanted to learn how to work in a pizzeria. You can work as a deliveryman, a waiter, or a cook in this Roblox game. What matters is how much you move and how quickly you do your job, regardless of what you do. The quicker, the better.

8. Theme Park Tycoon 2

Another of the ten Roblox games you should not miss this summer is one about having fun at an amusement park. In Theme Park Tycoon 2, you must construct and manage a park full of various attractions ranging from the most impressive, such as roller coasters, to the quietest, such as merry-go-rounds. You can become a billionaire if you manage it well.

9. Dungueon Quest

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Dungeon Quest is one of those games in which you must become a pirate to loot remote places and get some interesting loot. That is not going to be an easy task because for this you will have to complete adventures, assault dungeons, defend yourself from the enemy, and many more challenges.

10. Murder Mystery 2

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If you don’t want to complicate things and want a simple game, Murder Mystery 2 is without a doubt the simplest of the 11 Roblox games you can’t miss this summer. In it, you can play as a sheriff, a murderer, or an innocent. You must act based on your personality type. If you are a sheriff, you must be vigilant in order to apprehend the murderer. In order to be a murderer, you must kill the innocent. And if you’re innocent, you’ll have to hide in order to survive.

11. Anime Fighting Simulator

You will be able to train some of your favorite anime characters in Anime Fighting Simulator. It includes fighting elements influenced by popular anime series. You can play various training modes in various areas in this game. When you feel like you’ve improved as a fighter, you can try out tournament modes. Anime Fighting Simulator is also frequently updated with new modes, quirks, bloodlines, bosses, and in-game items. Overall, it’s a full-fledged anime action package.


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