Telegram is one of the most popular instant messaging apps for a reason. It has some useful features like self-destructing messages and awesome stickers. In addition to this, Telegram also supports bots that allow you to access all kinds of information and tools. The number of bots you can use is huge. For this reason, it’s a good idea to bookmark this article because you can use it as a reference for later.

Useful Telegram bots


If you want to get the latest news on trends, this is a bot that you will probably use a lot. If you just type “@nowtrendingbot” you will get the message everyone is talking about.


The next time you want to send someone information about almost anything you know, you can use the “@wiki” bot. Suppose you want to submit information about Ferraris, simply enter “@wiki Ferrari” and swipe up for more information.


Whenever you want to watch videos, you don’t need to leave Telegram. For example, you can type “@vid S8” and swipe up when the results appear. You can choose from a wide variety of videos.


Would you like to see a movie but don’t know which one to watch? Don’t worry, there’s a bot for that too. Enter “@imdb” and you will automatically see a list of movies that are currently playing. If you want information about a specific movie, you can put the name of the movie after @imdb. Make sure there is a space between the bot and the movie name.


Did your friend just use a word you’re not familiar with? Instead of admitting that you don’t know what that word means, quickly look it up with “@udbot (the word here)”. Swipe up and read!


In short, Spoty is the Telegram version of Spotify. Enter “@spotybot” and then the name of an artist or song. As before, you will get a list of the songs of this artist. When you play a song, you’re sending the other person a 30-second preview of the song.


There are times when certain texts are supposed to stand out. To accomplish this mission, type “@bold” and you will see three options: bold, italic, and sticky. In these styles, type what you want to send and hit enter.




What message wouldn’t be complete without a GIF? The next time you want to say something with a GIF, type “@gif”, space, and the GIF. After that, just choose the GIF you want.


Telegram has a long list of bots to choose from. If you want to explore more options than what is shown on this list, this is the place. By typing “@storebot” you can see all the bots the app has to offer, and you can also send the link to someone.


Who doesn’t like to play, right? The next time you want to play a game without leaving Telegram, enter “@gamebot” and select what you want to play. A warning: these are not HD Assasins Creed games, but they will help you pass the hours.


You are very tired from work and your boyfriend won’t stop texting you. For times when you don’t feel like typing, use the @voicybot bot. When you’ve entered the command, tap Send, then tap the link that will take you to the chat thread where the task is performed.

This useful tool allows you to record your voice in your chat thread and convert the audio to text. It saves you all the typing.


I’d have to write a novel to cover all the great bots Telegram has to offer. Next time you have some free time, don’t forget to check out these helpful bots.




By Chinedu Mbah

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