They say that there is no greater joy than seeing a child in new shoes. Although, of course, brand new sports shoes inspired by our favorite video games and show off them can be even better. Because they will not make you run like Sonic or jump like Mario, much less improve your winning streak in FIFA or your favorite shooter, but it is quite likely that your walks will make it a little more enjoyable.

At Techeens we not only carry the passion for video games as our flagship but there are even days when we wear it on each foot. In the most literal sense of the expression. Precisely for this reason, we have proposed to make you a very different and even more special selection: we have gathered in the same place more than a dozen sports based on video games and consoles. Some of the classic design and others not so conventional.

Without further ado, below you will find 17 models of sneakers with which you can wear those video games that you obsess over and the logos of your favorite consoles wherever your feet take you.

RS-Dreamer Super Mario 64 basketball shoes, by Puma

As we will see, video game anniversaries are a recurring excuse when launching themed sneaker models, and to commemorate the 35 years of its superstar Nintendo allied with Puma. The result? Three models based on the three titles included in Super Mario 3D All-Stars.

Although each shoe inspired by the classic Mario has its own charm, that we opted for the Super Mario 64 model is because they are the ones that most and best channel the charismatic character. Not only through its colors, which too, but with details such as the stars on the heel or its insoles.

Old Game – Middle by Pampling

The Bandai Namco Pacifier is a video game classic, and these shoes are more than just a tribute: they adorn our steps with their timeless formula, an infinite maze full of ghosts and pac-dots.

Retro Love by Coddesigns

Coddesigns brings together a plethora of images and faces from the Brain of the Beast in a print that will fascinate anyone who played the SNES: from the faces of Nintendo superstars like Yoshi, DK, or Samus to instantly recognizable items and exceptional guests. Isn’t that Chrono from Chrono Trigger peeking through the crack?

Ralph Sampson PAC-MAN, Puma

Ralph Sampson and Puma join in the celebration of PAC-Man’s 40 years with a particularly elegant model developed and distributed by Courir in which the color of the Comecocos itself and the ghosts claim all the prominence.

The curiosity: in addition to the details distributed throughout the footwear, we can place the pixelated figures however we want through the velcro system.

Nike PG 2.5 x PlayStation Colorway

What would the same model look like if it was inspired by the PlayStation 5? Launched on May 14, 2021, and designed by Yujin Morisawa (the artist responsible for the PS5 console’s design), the Nike PG 5 PlayStation 5 Colorway introduces a wide range of changes – beyond the color itself – to dress the PG 5 of PS5.

Air Jordan I Mids Xbox

It would be unfair to say that Nike has only had eyes for PlayStation. In fact, these spectacular Air Jordans unveiled during Microsoft’s E3 2018 take the Xbox brand to the next level.

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Beyond the sensational choice of colors of the two models presented, there are details that make them a whim: their insoles and laces carry the Xbox brand, and their soles give the master touch to the whole.

Pokémon Special Edition 25th Anniversary Slippers

Pikachu and company turn 25 in 2021, but with these Pokémon-inspired sneakers and with the classic design popularized by Converse, we can celebrate it to infinity. There are different designs and colors, but they all have the same theme: celebrating the quarter-century of the pocket monster saga.

Adidas neo x Pokemon

Over the years, Adidas has released a slew of designs and models devoted to the Pokémon brand. Some are for the youngest Pikachu fans, while others are specifically designed for the sport.

In our case, we’re stuck with the Adidas neo x Pokemon collection. More discrete, with different patterns, and ideal for use at home, on a walk, or, why not, both? Go to work beaming with the joy that Nintendo characters exude.

Diesel x Street Fighter V Collection

In 2017, 30 years of Street Fighter were celebrated, and Diesel was present at the celebration with his own line of sneakers inspired by Street Fighter V, launching five themed models, each one dedicated to a world warrior: Ryu, Chun Li, Bison, Nash, and Birdie.

Each pair of shoes not only borrowed the main colors of each Street Fighter but added interesting extras. For example, on the soles, you could read the super attacks of each fighter. One last.

Akedo x Street Fighter Black Adult Signature High Top

Akedo launches two shoe models with two color variants each, based on the spectacular arts of Ryu and Akuma from GBA’s Super Street Fighter II (one of the best editions of the cult classic). With the official Capcom license, this is a treat for fans of the series.

SEGA X RS-0 ‘Sonic’, by Puma

These Sonic sneakers definitely don’t go unnoticed: with a velvet touch and base inspired by the classic Green Hills phase, this custom version of the Puma RS-0 is packed with details from the laces to the soles.

And the thing does not end there: the hedgehog’s own nemesis has his own shoes with the SEGA x Puma RS-0 “Dr. Eggman ” . Admittedly, his choice of colors reminds us of the huge mechanical monsters that await us at the end of each phase.

Sonic The Hedgehog X Dame 6

Adidas also knows how to pay homage to the SEGA standard-bearer, avoiding with a pair of shoes that do not go unnoticed: the Sonic The Hedgehog X Dame 6 are two colors and combine the hedgehog’s intense blue with the red of its iconic sneakers. In the process, they imprinted a very distinct silhouette on our heels.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare – adidas x Pusha T ‘Kingslayer’ Ozweego

Pusha T ‘Kingslayer’ is inspired by Call of Duty Modern Warfare to give shape and personality to this totally licensed Ozweego model from Adidas, personalized and full of details from the Activision saga with a unique but: its very limited edition.

SUPERSTAR J “Spider-Man: Miles Morales”

Building on the release of Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales , Adidas released both in-game and beyond the screens a pair of sneakers completely inspired by Insomniac Games’ version of the New York hero.

A very classic model, with details like the reddish cobwebs on a black background on the heel and the PlayStation logo on the laces giving it that special touch.


Whether you played the NES or are obsessed with 8-bit games, the FUTURE RIDER NES is for you: with a design very inspired by the iconic Nintendo machine (look at the Power button on the side of the Mario cartridge in each flap) Puma masterfully captures the essence of the most classic Nintendo in each pair of shoes.

Nike Air Force 1 QS Playstation

We conclude with an apparently simple but detailed model: the Nike Air Force 1 QS Playstation, which takes the classic design and versatility of the Nike Air and distributes all of the Sony console icons throughout the footwear with taste and subtlety.

If we look closely, we will see how the button icons are present in the embossed Nike slash , heels with the two official logos and even white soles with PlayStation brands.

Extra Ball: Sonic’s shoes from The Shoe Surgeon

While we have focused on licensed and commercially released sneakers, there is a world of custom models that is endless. But of course, our review would be incomplete without at least one example. And in that regard, The Shoe Surgeon is a benchmark.

To mark the release of the Sonic movie, The Shoe Surgeon spruced up a pair of Puma Cougars to look as close to SEGA’s bluish hero as they were, giving them a more modern twist in the process. The result speaks for itself.