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31 cooperative PC games to enjoy with your friends!


If you are looking for varied games to play cooperatively with your friends, the PC is the perfect platform. You can enjoy online games with others, locally or play alone. Still, there is nothing like winning (or losing) together with your friends, and there are dozens of great titles for that!

We have kept that in mind when making this list. Here you will find the 40 best cooperative games on PC, and some of them with options to play against each other. Most of the games are recent, with the odd several years old. Know what these 40 games are!

Genshin Impact

cooperative PC games

Free gameDownload Genshin Impact here.

Genshin Impact was one of the most pleasant surprises of 2020 in terms of video games. Not only does it offer us an extensive JRPG for free in content, but, at a point, we can play with friends in perfect cooperative!

In Genshin Impact we venture through beautiful landscapes but full of fearsome enemies. Each player can choose his / her character / s, develop their skills, and put the items that one wants. The combination of elements and roles is key, especially to overcome difficult dungeons. If you manage to chain certain attacks with your friends, you can apply devastating effects on enemies!

Grand Theft Auto Online

Grand Theft Auto Online allows us to group with friends to do heists, robberies and all kinds of activities in Los Santos. Over the years, the game has received various content that expands the mission experience to complete. Not only that; there is a good arsenal of weapons, equipment, vehicles and places to live. In truth, you can do so many things in GTA Online that you will never be bored!

A way out

A Way Out is a video game that can only be played in 2 player cooperative. Each one manages a prisoner who has the objective of escaping. To achieve that goal, both will have to collaborate in different situations and manage to break through to freedom.

It is an action-adventure with a cinematic quality that has nothing to envy of the best films. It seems like an interactive film, with the advantage of being part of the story in a more personal and direct way. Talk to other inmates, fight, escape when you see the opportunity, and good luck later. You will need it!

Fortnite: Save The World

Fortnite has two main game modes and both can be enjoyed with friends. One of them is Save The World, a payment method and a completely cooperative experience. We take it upon ourselves to work together to stop and defeat hordes of fierce enemies. We can level up, find loot, and upgrade our heroes to be the ultimate defenders.

It’s not the most popular mode in Fortnite, not by a long shot, but if you have friends who are absolute fans of Fortnite and defense games, Save the World is pretty cool!


Minecraft is another whose fame precedes it. The freedom offered by this title is immense, as you can build anything you can imagine, in random worlds full of challenges.

Playing with your friends makes Minecraft a much better experience. You can all think of a common goal, like building a castle together to see how long it takes you to do it. Or try to explore every possible corner, fight dangerous enemies and make a house in the skies. The possibilities are endless!


Free game ! Download Warframe here .

Warframe is an action and shooting game without brakes, set in a science fiction universe in which the protagonists can be real killing machines. With everything and that you can play alone, the cooperative is an enjoyment due to the number of spectacular missions that the game has. When it comes to free content, Warframe is a tough beast to take down.

Each player can select the class, weapons, and abilities they want, in order to define their own style of play. Of course, to have everything you want, you have to spend many hours until you unlock the corresponding items. And that’s another strong point of Warframe: its longevity. It can give you hundreds of hours of play!

Portal 2

Portal 2 can be enjoyed both alone and with a friend. Both ways are entertaining, but it is always much better if you opt for cooperation. The game is full of puzzles and challenges in each phase, being essential to coordinate and communicate continuously. After all, two heads are better than one!

If we talk exclusively about the puzzles, these are different if you play alone or in company. The official campaign mode can only be played alone, and it is a different story than the cooperative mode. Even the characters change! If you dare to overcome challenges with your friend, you will become the friendly robots that appear in the image.

Path of Exile

Free gameDownload Path of Exile here 

Do you want to play Diablo with your friends but not everyone can buy it? Well, Path of Exile is an excellent and even better free alternative depending on what you are looking for. Although in Path of Exile you can select the class and limit yourself to it, it is possible to develop the character in many ways. It is, therefore, a very replayable game.

Up to 6 players can team up to overcome each act of Path of Exile. In order to have a balanced experience for all players, they must all have the same level. If you start from scratch with your friends, you have a long and fun journey ahead of you to defeat the most terrifying creatures in Path of Exile. An ideal game for lovers of action RPGs!

Divinity: Original Sin 2

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We can’t get enough of recommending Divinity: Original Sin 2 for one simple reason: it’s one of the best RPGs in recent years. This title emphasizes the freedom of the player, not only in terms of developing each character but in making decisions. Each action matters and allows you to profile the story or the world at different levels of impact. Encourage replay to see other consequences!

Cooperative play is sublime in Divinity: Original Sin 2. For starters, whether locally or online, it doesn’t force players to always be on the same screen. Each can explore other places while the rest talk to NPCs and even recruit their own companions, or you can go together to fight evil!

Halo: The Master Chief Collection

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The Master Chief has returned to PC in style, thanks to a compilation that groups all the games from Halo: Combat Evolved to Halo 4. With no more and no less than six games, you can live the adventures of the Spartans in perfect cooperative on-line.

The campaigns of this FPS allow between 2 and 4 players in cooperative, depending on the game. With so many Halo deliveries in the collection, you’ll have dozens of hours of gameplay guaranteed. In addition, it is possible to replay the levels to get all the secrets or beat the challenge of completing games on maximum difficulty.

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes

All LEGO games are perfect to play with your friends on PC. Out of all of them, LEGO Marvel Super Heroes is one of the best because it faces dozens of Marvel heroes and villains. Imagine being able to control Thor while your friend is Ironman, then face Loki and thwart his plans to take over the world.

This game contains countless phases, a hundred characters, and many game options. Endless fun guaranteed! And if this game isn’t enough for you, the LEGO franchise is abundant on PC, from Star Wars and Batman to the incredible City Undercover. They all allow 2 player local co-op play!

Don’t starve together

cooperative PC games

Don’t Starve Together is a survival game in every sense of the word. Both you and your friends will be on an island, whose scenarios are randomly generated. It is necessary to use all possible resources and collaborate to survive. In other words, all of you will have to make your clothes, plant, hunt for food, make fire, etc.

In the normal mode of the game, Survival, it is mandatory to cooperate with other players. If you die, you will become a ghost that will absorb the vitality of your companions, so everyone must collaborate to stay alive! In case all players die with no option to resurrect, the game ends. However, the fun is trying it over and over again!

Overcooked! 1 and 2

cooperative PC games

Overcooked! It is a game that is as fun as it is stressful at times. Together with your friends, you will put yourself in the shoes of chefs who must prepare as many dishes as possible, before time runs out. Coordinating with each player will be important, as the game puts you in quite peculiar situations.

In this Master Chef of digital games, you will be presented with the most varied obstacles. Each phase will be set in a different place, and there are situations as crazy as cooking in moving trucks. That will force cooks to jump out of one vehicle or another! As a side note, Overcooked! 1 allows local cooperative up to 4, but the sequel also allows online cooperative.

Sea of ​​Thieves

cooperative PC games

What better way to sail the seas than to go with trusted people! Especially if we talk about Sea of ​​Thieves, an adventure and action game set in the world of pirates. This game is not 100% cooperative, since the players can be your friends or enemies. Even so, we recommend this game due to the number of adventures you can have with other players.

Sea of ​​Thieves contains plenty of quests, stories, and treasures to find. You will spend much of your time navigating the ocean, but there is no shortage of islands full of secrets. The best thing about the game is the stories that you create yourself with your friends, especially when you meet other hostile players. Be vigilant!

Destiny 2

cooperative PC games

Free game ! Download Destiny 2 here .

Destiny 2 is an FPS that invites you to discover the mysteries of a solar system, and you can do it cooperatively! The protagonists of the game are Guardians, the last hope of the galaxy before being plunged into a dark evil. There are three classes to select, very different from each other and that give rise to a unique style of play.

Destiny 2 has excellent gameplay, seamlessly blending the elements of shooting games with role-playing. Skills, weaponry, and equipment are just as essential to advance as is marksmanship. Get together with other players in this free game, and save the galaxy!

Borderlands 3

cooperative PC games

Borderlands 3 takes up the already brilliant formula of the saga and expands it towards different horizons. Literally! With multiple planets to explore and new characters to meet (or defeat), Borderlands 3 is the perfect bet for cooperative play. This looter shooter with RPG touches gives you so many hours of gameplay that you will spend weeks living adventures with your friends.

The protagonists have unique abilities and a specific emphasis on the use of weapons. The game does not force players to select different characters, so everyone can choose the one they want! Up to 4 players can venture onto Pandora and other planets, and face characters as hilarious as they are powerful. Don’t forget to grab the loot!


cooperative PC games

Phasmophobia challenges us to find evidence of the paranormal in different houses and buildings. It puts us in the shoes of investigators hired to search for ghosts. It is very easy to say what task we should do, but it is not easy to accomplish it!

As a horror game, it is a very original title, as it emphasizes collaboration between players and the use of voice. It is essential to be attentive to the sounds and visual effects, since anything can give us a clue of the whereabouts and type of the ghost. It is worth mentioning that Phasmophobia is still in development, and it gets better with each passing month!

Monster Hunter: World

Monster Hunter: World, along with the Iceborne expansion, is the best installment the series has received in these years. It is an action RPG that focuses on hunting huge creatures that can knock you down and crush you in no time. As you can imagine, it is important to know the creature and its routine well in order to defeat it.

Carry a giant greatsword, a spear or a firearm, the correct equipment is key. Monster Hunter: World requires dedication to get the best equipment, but everything is easier when you get together with friends. Up to 4 players can join forces and hunt down gigantic beasts in settings ranging from tropical to heavy snowfall.

Payday 2

Payday 2 is basically La Casa de Papel made in a video game. You can play alone, but it is only well enjoyed in multiplayer. You must plan the assaults with well-defined tactics and, of course, execute the plans perfectly. Otherwise, things will get very complicated and the police forces will make your life miserable.

As you can imagine, Payday 2 also requires a lot of coordination and knowing how to improvise to avoid the maximum number of failures. This can be tricky if you play with strangers, so we recommend playing with people with whom you can communicate well.

Diablo iii

What better than to have an ally to defeat infernal creatures! And, despite the fact that Diablo III can be played perfectly alone, the more heroes, the better. There are many dangers lurking in every ruin and dungeon, waiting for the perfect opportunity to devour their next prey.

If both you and your friends are fans of Diablo or action RPGs, Diablo III is one of the best options to play together online. There is plenty of content to adventure for dozens of hours, and the game invites you to replay it with different classes. Profile your character as you want and, what’s more, show your friends that yours is the strongest!

Stardew valley

Farmer life is always surrounded by life, and Stardew Valley represents that very well. It is a life simulation game in which you must take care of a farm and make it grow with plants, vegetables and raising animals. It has crafting mechanics that allow you to make different items, and you can even go exploring caves to find treasures.

In addition to interacting with NPCs and even forming a family with one of them, up to 4 players can share the adventure in local cooperative or online! Collaborate with others to build the best farms, go fishing, and participate in festive activities with your loved ones. A relaxing game that can lead to laughter.


GTFO is an insanely difficult FPS that challenges even the most skilled and coordinated players. It puts you in the role of prisoners who have been tasked with a risky task. Along with 3 other players, you must fight your way into the depths until you obtain the required artifacts. It sounds simple; Nevertheless…

In GTFO, enemies will appear from all sides, and the lighting is poor. Stealth is key to progress smoothly, making your way little by little and ensuring exits. When the creatures lurk, cooperation is key to repelling the horde and staying unpunished. If you dare to play this game, get ready for a game that can take more than an hour per game.

We Were Here

Free game ! Download We Were Here here 

We Were Here is an adventure with puzzles that, to solve them, requires constant communication between the two players. The game puts the players in a mysterious castle and the objective is to get out of there as if it were an escape room . The puzzles are interesting and can entertain you for a couple of hours. It is not a long game, but it is free!

If you are looking for more games of this style, you can buy the sequels We Were Here Too and We Were Here Together. They are both amazing!

The Expendabros

Free game ! Download The Expendabros here .

Did you love the Expendables movies? The Expendabros gives you hours of fun with endless action and abundant explosions. You can control one of the characters from the movies (yes, in its Bro version) and play in local cooperative up to 4 players. If you’re looking for hassle-free entertainment, don’t hesitate to try The Expendabros.

For a complete experience, in addition to having the option of online cooperative, it is necessary to buy Broforce.

Deep rock galactic

Deep Rock Galactic places us in the shoes of dwarves who, instead of gigantic picks and axes, carry weapons and advanced mining tools. The game accepts up to 4 players in an online cooperative, and takes us into randomly generated caves. Everything you see can be destroyed!

There is also no shortage of creatures that come out from the same depths, so you can expect action at all times. Players can choose different classes, allowing each game to be approached in one way or another. If you are looking for hours of entertainment without it getting repetitive, Deep Rock Galactic is a great option.

Tom Clancy’s The Division 1 and 2

In its early days, The Division was heavily criticized for bugs in gameplay and quirky bugs . After various updates, the game has become a good shooter both to play by yourself and in multiplayer. You will face others on streets that faithfully represent New York, in an experience worth living in company.

It has RPG, strategy, and shooting elements that blend seamlessly. It is extremely worth playing with your friends, as the scenarios are immense and invite players to approach situations in different ways. In case you’re looking for something more recent and polished, The Division 2 is even better, with Washington DC as the arena for battle and exploration.


One can consider Terraria as Minecraft’s twin brother. It is true that there are similar elements, such as building structures, exploring the scene and fighting. Even so, it is a completely 2D game, with a dynamic reminiscent of classic platform games with free exploration.

If you are looking for something new after Minecraft, Terraria is an excellent alternative if you like games that stimulate creativity. Interacting with NPCs and discovering new areas are two of Terraria’s strengths. It is a challenging game, especially in terms of combat, but it becomes easier and more fun playing with other people.

Trine 4: The Nightmare Prince

Trine 4: The Nightmare Prince is a platformer with numerous puzzles to solve. To solve each puzzle, it is vital to use the skills of the characters! Enemies and even zone bosses also come out, so you have to cooperate to defeat them and move on.

Up to 4 players can join the adventure both locally and online. This beautiful adventure has a sublime artistic section and good content to play several afternoons with your loved ones. For platformers, Trine 4 is the best of the genre on PC!

Dying Light

Dying Light puts you in the middle of a zombie apocalypse that, to top it all, will have no mercy on you at any time of day. Zombies are fast and ferocious in this game, so one must use the entire arsenal of weapons at his disposal to survive. And if weapons aren’t enough, you can run and parkour across rooftops!

Within what are zombie games, Dying Light is one of the best. This FPS introduces you to an open world where you can explore, fight, and complete missions at your own pace. You can join forces with 3 more players for a better chance of survival. While we wait for the exit of Dying Light 2, the first part can satisfy our desire to destroy zombies!

Spelunky 2

Spelunky 2 is a difficult platform that makes us think twice about wanting to practice the profession of caving. The phases are quite short, but each one hides traps and enemies on all sides of the stage. Be careful where you go and have your weapon ready in case the situation becomes dangerous.

Spelunky 2’s co-op dramatically improves the gaming experience. It’s a lot of fun adjusting to situations and seeing who makes it through alive in the end. Cooperation is essential, of course, but it never hurts to make a joke! Between the number of phases that Spelunky 2 has and the possible routes you can take, it is a phenomenal game with many hours of entertainment.

Death Road to Canada

Death Road to Canada has some retro touches with its graphic section and, certainly, the game at times is a bit strange. Even so, the idea works, as you will flee from zombies together with friends in local games. Each player must control a character, and you must choose if you will be the driver, the one who will kill the zombies, among other things.

This game, although it has a fairly simple proposal, is complicated. The hordes of enemies are plentiful and there is no minute you can breathe easy. For that reason, teamwork is essential and necessary to be successful at Death Road to Canada. Cover your back!



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