The version of Xiaomi 2019 AD N Mi Band Up with many important improvements. next to AMOLED display Nice and nice Several Mi Band 4 dials connects with better fitness tracking sensor and larger 135 mA battery. Like its predecessors, this collection also comes with a plethora of new features.

مع The new Mi Band 4 bracelet, Xiaomi brings important and colorful changes to Fitness Tracker, Make the competitive product more attractive. The tracker was well received in China, where one million units were sold just eight days after its launch in the region. We, therefore, expect similar competition to occur elsewhere.

While it gets intense competition from the Honor Band 5 bracelet but the only aspect of the Us band that makes it superior is the support for third-party apps and the vast developer community. In this article, therefore, here are the best third-party apps for Mi Band 4.

Best Mi Band 4 Apps

1. Gadgetbridge

Gadgetbridge is an open source alternative to Mi-Fit. The problem with the Mi-Fit app is that it doesn’t allow you to unsubscribe or share data on its server. And that’s where Gadgetbridge comes from. It allows you to use all the functions of your Mi Band (such as sleep tracking, alarms, activity tracking, etc.) without installing the Mi Fit app on your phone.

However, due to recent Mi Band 4 firmware changes, you will now need an Android phone with root privileges to pair the Mi Band 4 with Gadgetbridge. 

2. AmazFaces Watchface

Mi Band 4 finally brought an AMOLED color display. Now Mi-Fit gives you unique faces, but that’s just vanity. Fortunately, you can get watch faces on the Internet Via the Mi-Fit app. Or if you’re not in the mood for all the hard work, you can use a third-party watch face app like AmazFaces و Mi-Band 4 Watchface.

Mi Band Apps

AmazFaces has one of the largest libraries of watch faces for all Mi and Amazfit devices. Besides these watch faces, you can also make your own watch faces.

3. Selfie tape

You can use the Mi Band 4 & Amazfit Selfie app to use the Mi Band to control the camera remotely. The setup is a bit tricky but you’ll be good with it.

The only caveat is that Mi Band & Amazfit Selfie apps work with a bunch of camera apps like Open Camera, Bacon Camera, Night Selfie Camera, etc.

mi-band - Best Mi Band 4 Apps, Watch Faces & Featured

However, it is a good way to take a photo from a distance when you are in a group. You can also use this trick to make your individual travel videos.

4. Notify & Fitness with Mi Band 4

I have been using Notify & Fitness for some time with the Gadgetbridge app. The only reason for this is the detailed data information of the Mi Band 4, You get a graph of your daily heart rate, heart rate zones, detailed sleep analysis, and even a calorie counter. You can also connect Mi Scale and view its data with Mi Band 4.

Notify & Fitness with Mi Band 4 requires the tracker to be paired with the Mi Fit app or the Gadgetbridge

Mi Fit provides some cool options to customize the Mi Band 4 display, however, it does not allow you to play with the Mi Band button. Notify & Fitness allows you to customize the Mi Band 4’s single press button, double tap or even triple tap for actions like find my phone, switch to silent mode on an Android device, etc.

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Notify & Fitness offers a paid variant that allows you to synchronize your workouts with  Strava or Runkeeper. If you are using Strava, this is a great app to help you sync your X Band Mi Band data to Strava.

5. Tools and Mi band

Tools & Mi Band (formerly known as Mi Tools) is a paid app ($ 4) but worth every penny. Unlike Gadgetbridge, which is an alternative app to Mi Fit, Tools & Mi Band is very similar to MiFit’s companion app. It provides some useful features that you can’t find on the Mi Fit app. For example, you cannot set up notifications for individual WhatsApp contacts or phone calls. Tools & Mi Band allows you to do this and it works flawlessly.

Tools & Mi Band requires the tracker to be attached to the Mi Fit app or Gadgetbridge

Another cool feature of Tools & Mi Band is the ability to set custom reminders or alarms. For example, I use a bot on Slack to remind me to drink water every two hours. But there are times when I’m away from my laptop. So I now have the same setup with Mi Tools and now Mi Band beeps every XNUMX hours to remind me to drink water.

mi-band - Best Mi Band 4 Apps, Watch Faces & Featured

Additionally, Mi Band 4 has an Auto-DND feature that turns off notifications while you sleep. However, Tools & Mi Band goes a step further and converts your device to DND during a workout. Tools & Mi Band also allows synchronization with third-party applications such as Sleep as Android which we will discuss later in this article.

6 Sleep in Android

In monitoring of sleep, Mid Band 4 is lagging behind the Honor Band 5. Well, you can not really solve the problem, but you’ll use Sleep as Android to improve sleep monitoring data in Mi Band 4. You may need Mi Tools for Mi Band 4 to work with Sleep as Android. By far my favorite feature is the automatic wake-up call. It will automatically calculate your sleeping time and wake you up after 7 hours.

best mi band app android

The only problem with Sleep as Android is smoothness. Sometimes it doesn’t work with Mi Band 4 and at those times you have to trust your phone.

7. Tasker

Tasker is the most popular automation app for Android . Now, with the help of Notify & Fitness app, you can even connect Mi Band 4 to Tasker to pull automation on your Android device. The availability of Tasker actions and destinations is limited and you will need to purchase the paid option for Notify & Fitness.

To get Mi Band 4 goal or event you need to add “ * ”In the Action menu of Tasker. For example, if you want to trigger an action when the alarm sounds on the Mi Band, you can use an action event like “”. Likewise, you want to trigger an event when Mi Band is connected to your phone, you can choose “” as the action event.

8. Fast sleep

mi-band - Best Mi Band 4 Apps, Watch Faces & Featured Tips & Tricks

It might not be a big ride, but trust me 100 will do it once a day. When you hold your finger on the full screen of the Mi Band 4, it goes to sleep. It’s a quick trick to look at the screen and then turn it off.

7. Customize the Notifications application

Mi-Fit allows you to configure notifications for each third-party app. However, it does not scroll and allows you to filter or customize these notifications. So you can use this app called “Alert Bridge for Mi Band 4”. Allows you to filter notifications based on text. In this case, I don’t want to receive spam from Facebook to find out who should follow. Therefore, you set the filter to get rid of e-mail messages that contain the text “Facebook”. Besides, you can also configure the app to translate emoticons with ASCII text.

mi-band - Best Mi Band 4 Apps, Watch Faces & Featured

8. Use with other training apps

Mi Band 4 is a great activity tracking program, but it doesn’t have any in-house training options. For example, I run the marathon and use the Nike Running Club App Draw My Training Plan. Maybe you are using some other workout-tracking apps. Now, these apps allow you to connect external Bluetooth tracking devices like heart rate tracker, pace tracker, etc. Thus, the Mi Band 4 has teamed up with the Nike Running Club app as a heart rate monitor.

You can do the same to Strava and other exercise apps too. This allows apps to use Mi Band 4 as a heart rate tracking device.


Here are some tips that you can use with Mi Band 4 .. My favorite app is the integration with Android Sleep and Tasker. Let me know in the comments about some tricks or automation that Tasker uses.


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