At the end of 2018, an atypical Battle Royale mode is released in CS: GO . It’s called Danger Zone and it allows only 16 to 18 players, it depends on whether we play solo or duo / trio. The map is very small compared to other similar games, so the games are frantic and suitable only for the most skilled.

All players start the same: with 120 life points, a tablet and our fists. On the battlefield there are a series of tools and loots to loot that will help us achieve victory.

Follow these seven tips to becoming the last survivor!

1. Wait to choose the landing zone

Danger Zone Royale

The first map available for Danger Zone is called Blacksite. There are ports to the east and south, a lighthouse in the upper left corner, the industrial zone to the south, and small houses all over the interior. The sectors with the most players vary by game.

It is recommended to wait to choose where to land. We want to start somewhere with good loots, like in the east or south of the map, but it will not always be convenient. We have a few seconds to decide our starting point, and the best thing is to see which places others choose. You don’t want to start the game surrounded by three or four players!

If you want to risk going where there are more opponents, try to look around you as you get off the helicopter . Press and hold the E button (default) to release first. In this way, you can explore before the others and avoid them leaving you without weapons and equipment.

2. Get weapons, equipment and money quickly

The first thing we have to do in the game is find a weapon , apart from protection and money. There is no time to lose, as the game usually ends in just ten minutes. Although we can find loot with weapons and equipment from the beginning, throughout the map, every minute, supply boxes will fall at different points.

As you explore, keep an eye out for the gates. If you see that they are open, surely the building will already be looted and there may be a player inside. Use this information to plan your next step and search for new weapons and protection in remote locations.

Inspect as fast as you can and, with the money you get, feel free to open your tablet to buy pistols, submachine guns, grenades, among other things. If you see a green bag, grab it for a large sum of money.

3. Upgrade and use your tablet frequently

csgo danger zone tips

We can access the tablet with the TAB or tab button (by default). If what we want is to buy from it, we can access with the same store button. It is very important to use it, as it gives us essential information. Notifies us of:

  • where are players,
  • where do new supplies fall,
  • which way will our drones take,
  • which places become bombing zones, and
  • what is the area of the danger zone.

If we improve the device, we will have more precise information, such as the expansion area of the danger zone or a more exact position of the players. Therefore, it is advised to buy all the tablet upgrades . Do not stop using it to anticipate the movements of the enemies and know which places are the safest.

4. Pay attention to drones

csgo danger zone tips

The drones are in charge of bringing us what we buy on the tablet. As they always go to our position, that means that the rest of the players can guess where we are exactly . For that reason, drones are a double-edged sword.

Try to be aware of the drones you see around you and, with the help of your tablet, draw up a plan to ambush your next enemy. If you are successful, not only will you be one step closer to victory, but you will be able to loot whatever you have purchased.

If you want to buy several things, the best option is to separate yourself from the rest of the players and then order everything on the tablet. A drone will come for each item we buy, so you don’t want to do it near enemies. Otherwise, you will attract a lot of attention!

5. Watch your ammo

There is something that will happen to us more times than we wish: we will run out of ammunition. For that reason, we have to be careful when facing our opponents. Don’t shoot unless you have a safe shot. Also don’t shoot just in case, lest you reveal your position.

Ammo boxes are all over the map , and indeed they are plentiful. They don’t give out a lot of bullets though, so make sure each one is worth it! You can also get ammo in the weapons of eliminated opponents, but if there is a downed opponent, there is sure to be a live one nearby.

6. Listen carefully

If you have played CS: GO a lot , you will know the importance of sound. In Danger Zone mode, listening carefully is tremendously valuable . Being aware of the noise of footsteps, gunshots and the opening of doors will give you an essential clue to determine the position of your opponents.

Of course, that means they can listen to you too. If you see on the tablet that you are in an area with other players, walk and sharpen your senses. Your next prey may be right around the corner and you want to be the one to surprise them, not the other way around!

7. Complete special missions

csgo danger zone tips

You read that right! In Danger Zone, we not only fight to survive but there are also special missions. These will help us get some extra money, which will translate into better weapons and equipment. There are three types of special missions:

  • The safes: we will need C4 to exploit them because we will never have the combination. Inside we will find a good sum of money.
  • The contracts: we can eliminate a specific enemy during the game, all for a small price.
  • The hostage rescue: we will find hostages tied in some places on the map. We will have to take them to the R zones that we can see on the compass and on the tablet. Taking them there will give us a few hundred tickets.

With these tips, you can now get off the helicopter and fight for your life in intense games that not only win the most skilled, but the most clever.


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