Microwaves are big time life saver in our daily lives. The indispensable machine is a go-to kitchen appliance to get our food heated quickly, especially during rush hours.

It’s versatile also span into preparing vegetables, meat products, making hot sandwiches, and many more.

Like every other appliance your microwave oven can break down at any point. This is usually due to high voltage, while trying to trace the origin of the problem. The question is, do microwave have fuses pop up.

In this article, will tell you everything you need to know about microwaves and fuses.


Do Microwaves Have Fuses

Yes, mucrowaves could have two types of fuses depending on the model. The line fuses wich are 1-1 / 4-inch long ceramic tubes. A thermal safety fuse which is generally a low blank cylinder with two ends on the same sides. The location of the fuse depends on the model.


What are fuses?

Fuses are devices that have a wire made of metals at a high temperature. When a short circuit occurs, the current rises through them thus more heat is generated. This melts the wire in the fuse and thus interrupt the circuit.

This process destroys it but protect other valuable components in the circuit that could get damaged by the high current.

Basically, then, a blown fuses in the microwave oven is the result in the increase in current. This increase could be due to several causes.


What type of fuse do microwave use?

A microwave uses a 20 amp fuse, and it’s used to power your microwave oven. So if the microwave oven touchpad becomes unresponsive, the microwave is producing little or no heat. Also, if the device simply does not turn on, it could mean your fuse is at fault and it needs to be replaced.

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