Windows 10 power options are designed to control the computer’s power on, shutdown, or partial sleep. Since the arrival of Windows 8, Microsoft has automated the suspension of laptops when we close the lid that occupies the screen.

This is the reason why Hibernate does not appear on Windows 10 and earlier versions of the system. The problem is that the option is not visible on desktop computers either.

This time we will show you how to activate the Hibernate option in Windows 10 simply without resorting to third-party programs.

First Of All, What Are The Differences Between Hibernate And Suspend of The Computer?

Although the differences may be non-existent, the truth is that the hibernation mode is intended to reduce power consumption to the maximum expression, as its name suggests. In this case, the information of the session that we have started the equipment is stored in the computer’s hard disk.

In this way, the information is not deleted if the equipment runs out of power or battery, not to mention that energy consumption is non-existent.

As for the sleep mode, the session information is stored in the computer’s RAM. The main advantage of this method is that access to information is done in a more agile way, with shorter power-up times.

The problem is that RAM modules require constant energy to maintain data, being volatile memory. In other words, if the battery dies or the equipment is disconnected from the power, the session information will be lost.

How To Reactivate Hibernate Mode If Hibernate Does Not Appear In Windows

Once the differences between suspend and hibernate have been clarified, we can proceed to the activation of the aforementioned mode. In this case, the first thing we will have to do is type ‘energy’ in the Windows 10 search box. Then, we will click on the result that matches the option Edit power plan. Later, we will click on the Power options section that can be seen in the top bar.

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Within this window, we will click on Choose the behaviour of the start/stop buttons (on laptops, the option will be indicated with Choose the behaviour of the lid closure).

Next, we will click on Change the currently unavailable configuration, an option that will be displayed next to the button configuration or the laptop lid.

Finally, Windows will show a list with the power options that we can see in the Start menu. Now we will only have to activate the Hibernate option to enable the function in that menu.

Hibernate Does Not Appear In Windows 10 Power Options

If the Hibernate option does not appear in the Windows 10 power plans, the computer is most likely lacking the processor drivers. The best thing to do is go to the manufacturer’s website (Lenovo, HP, Samsung, Acer…) if we have laptops or the Intel or AMD website to download the corresponding drivers.

Drivers will generally be indicated by the words Power Management, Chipset Driver, or VGA Driver. If we have a dedicated graphics card from Nvidia or AMD, we will have to go to each web page to download the graphics drivers.


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