Thanks to the release of Final Fantasy VII: Remake Intergrade on PlayStation 5, even more players are experiencing this sensation for the first time. With improved visuals, stability, loading times, and new DLC for gamers to enjoy, this is the ultimate way to play. But how long does this remade classic last?

FF VII: Remake consists of 18 chapters. While the length of the chapter will vary from time to time, it will help gauge how far along the players are in the story. A title will appear on the screen each time a new chapter begins, and players can check which segment of the game they are in in the Save. Menu.

The 18 chapters of the game are listed below:

Chapter 1The destruction of the Mako 1 reactor
Episode 2Fateful encounters
Chapter 3Home sweet slum
Chapter 4Mad dash
Chapter 5Tenacious pursuit
Chapter 6Light the way
Chapter 7The trap has jumped
Chapter 8Budding Bodyguard
Chapter 9The city that never sleeps
Chapter 10Troubled Waters
Chapter 11Obsessed
Chapter 12Fight for survival
Chapter 13A broken world
Chapter 14Looking for hope
Chapter 15The day Midgar stopped
Chapter 16Belly of the beast
Chapter 17Release from chaos
Chapter 18Crossroads of destiny

FF VII: Remake’s Intergrade, on the other hand, only has two chapters. Don’t worry, as the story is substantial in this bonus content. Its chapters are listed below:

Chapter 1The best of Wutai
Episode 2Covert operations
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