iPhones, like Android mobiles, allow you to share the Internet connection through WiFi, and this is through the access point. With this option, any phone can be connected to the iPhone that has Internet sharing enabled, in order to have access to its mobile data. 

This function can be customized, either by changing the password or its name and the latter, how to change the name of the WiFi access point on iPhone, is what we explain below.

So You Can Change The Name Of The Wifi Access Point On Iphone

change hotspot WiFi name on iPhone

Doing this is really simple. It only takes a few steps, and they are the ones we list below:

  1. The first thing to do is open the app settings or settings of the iPhone.
  2. Once there, we have to look for the General section, and then click on it.
  3. Already within the General section , you only have to locate the Information entry, which is the first of all, and then press it.
  4. Now, there, in Information , some information about the iPhone is available, such as the model name, the version of the operating system and details of the storage space, among other things. The only thing that interests us in this opportunity is the name of the WiFi of the mobile access point, and for this we have to click on Name , which is the first option that appears there.
  5. The last thing left to do is write or change its name to the one we like the most, and then press the OK key .

On the other hand, for the access point to be available and visible to other devices, and in this way, the iPhone can provide a WiFi connection, all you have to do is access the Internet Sharing section, which is in Settings. Once there, you have to activate the Allow others to connect switch.

Finally, to change the WiFi password of the access point on iPhone you just have to enter the Configuration or Settings section, and then go to Mobile data, Personal access point, and, finally, to WiFi password. You can also do this from the Internet Sharing section.


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