If you have a Samsung phone and you want to change the default browser for another, but you don’t know where to start, don’t worry, we will tell you how to change the default browser on a Samsung mobile easily.

In the case of Samsung mobiles, they are among the best sellers. Although it does not have an extensive catalog, you can find mid-range devices on the market that cost around 250 euros and also high-end devices with prices that exceed 1000 euros, that do include the latest of the latest.

If you have also chosen a Samsung mobile phone for all your communications and procedures, you may need or want to customize it and configure some of its options. Today we tell you about the browser, see how to change the default browser on a Samsung mobile.

On many of Samsung’s phones, especially the Galaxy, the Samsung Internet browser comes by default. This is a simple, straightforward, and fairly reliable browser that allows you to configure different options and in which you can also navigate secretly.

In addition, it has useful extensions such as a translator for those websites that are written in other languages ​​and an ad blocker that allows you to navigate without annoying banners being displayed. It also includes a video wizard for easy popup playback on any website.

But if Samsung’s Internet doesn’t convince you, no problem. You can change the default browser whenever you want. Here’s how to do it.

How To Change The Default Browser On A Samsung Mobile

how to change the default browser on a Samsung mobile easily

If you want to know how to change the default browser on a Samsung mobile, the first thing you have to do is unlock your device and from the Applications Panel enter “Settings “.

Within those “Settings” you get a lot of sections. You must scroll down to where it says “Applications” and click on that option. Now you will see a lot of the applications that come by default on the phone (calculator, contacts, etc.) but there is not the option that you must press, but you have to go to the upper right part of the screen where the three appear dots and click on them.

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Then, among the options that are displayed, click where it says “Default applications” . Then click on “Browser App”. The list of browsers that you have installed on your phone appears on this screen. Usually in addition to Samsung Internet comes Chrome.

As you will see by default “Samsung Internet” is selected. You can install Chrome or choose it if it is already installed. This way you will have already changed the default browser on your phone.

how to change the default browser on a Samsung mobile easily

Samsung is one of the most recognized electronics brands in the world. In 2012 the company became the world’s largest mobile phone manufacturer by overtaking Nokia. In recent years its growth has been increasing especially in the field of televisions and mobile telephony.

Product innovation is one of the things Samsung continually works on. The latest thing this company has brought to the market are folding smartphones with premium features and powerful devices.

In addition, to make its products reach all types of users, it has launched a mobile rental initiative.  Users who want to have the latest Samsung device model can pay an initial entry and then a monthly fee for 18 months. The price includes an anti-theft insurance. When this rental period ends, the user can exchange it for a newly launched phone or another Galaxy mobile that suits their needs.


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