AirPods, those headphones that have surprised many users with their superior wireless features. In addition to eliminating cables completely, they have a case that charges the battery of these tiny headphones. Being such a compact package, you can take them anywhere.

As devices that are with you always, you end up using them much more than you would use a wired headset. But they also have a drawback and that is that they get dirty with use. Here’s how to clean and maintain your AirPods and their accompanying case in the best possible condition. 

Wear and dirt on AirPods

As can be seen in the image, the AirPods can get quite dirty. The outer part of the case tends to get scratches and after seven months of use, also some coloration of the different jeans in which they have been.

Where we can do something is inside the case and the headphones. If you have had them for a long time and have never cleaned them, it is very possible that the dirt has accumulated in a similar way as it does on the Lightning port of the iPhone.

By the simple fact that we always carry them with us, they will collect dirt from the pants and bags in which we transport them

The outline of the interior of the case, around where the headphones are placed, is the main source of dirt. Especially the hinge and the place where the magnets keep the lid closed. In the case of headphones, the parts that tend to accumulate the most dirt are the grille and the inner “elbow” of each AirPod.

It must be taken into account that the AirPods are placed in the ear and there it is in contact with the sweat, fat, and wax that our body generates. Perhaps they accumulate more dirt due to the fact that they are easier to wear in more situations than corded ones.

As we will see, there are several ways to try to clean AirPods and their case, although we are going to focus on two of them.

Method 1: ear buds

How to clean and maintain your AirPods and their case like the first day

Quite simple to explain, as it only requires an ear swab slightly moistened with water. With it, we must clean the part of the hinge by exerting a little pressure. We can blow when we see that the accumulated specks of dust are loose. You can apply a little alcohol if you prefer, but with a little water on the swab, it has worked for me.

Img 4615

Headphone cavities attract dirt but to a lesser degree than other areas. For them, the dry swab is more than enough.

The elbow of the headphones also collects dirt, as well as the grille. For the former, our faithful moistened swab will remove the sweat and grease that has decided to take up residence there. For the grid, we can use the same method, although it is more difficult to insert into the nooks and crannies.

Method 2: blue-tack type putty

If you have that blue-tack type putty at home, it can be a very effective and fast alternative to the swab. The idea is to use a generous piece of this mass to stick it in each of the holes that house dirt in the AirPods.

In my case, it was enough to use the cotton bud, but I recognize that the dough is a more comfortable method and requires less care. You are rubbing this “glue” on the lid of the case, the hinge, the hole in the lid, and at the end, all the dirt accumulates in it.

It is important to use a good piece so that it does not come off or get stuck in a difficult place to remove because then we will have done the opposite of what we intend.

Finally, I have noticed that there is a part of dirt in the case that is impossible to remove. It is found in the magnets that join the two pieces. Apparently, from so much opening and closing, some of that dirt has embedded itself in the body of the AirPods and can no longer be removed. They are minimal marks, but they remain there without the possibility of eliminating them.

Clean and shiny, like new (almost)!

I do not know if there is a product that can clean it completely, although there are users on Reddit who use one successfully. Without knowing it or knowing if it would affect the device in any way, I cannot recommend it. If you know of any additional method to clean the AirPods and leave them as the first day, share them in the comments.