Sony Playstation 2 games are manufactured on DVD-ROM discs, either single layer (4.7 GB) or double layer (8.5 GB) depending on the size of the game. These sets may experience wear and tear during normal use and eventually be scratched or accidentally broken. Making a copy of your PS2 game for archival purposes allows you to burn a new disc in case your original PS2 game is lost, damaged, or stolen.

Instructions: How to Copy PS2 Games with Nero

How to Copy PS2 Games with Nero

Navigate your web browser to the official Nero download page.

Turn on your computer and log into your operating system. Open your preferred browser and navigate to the official Nero developer page (see resources). Download the program and open the installer when you’re done. Install Nero on your computer and restart your computer when the installation is complete.

• Log in to the operating system. Make sure your DVD drive is connected to the computer’s motherboard and is detected by your operating system at startup. Open the Nero program and check that the computer detects your DVD burner in the program’s registration window.

• Open the DVD drive tray and insert your original PS2 game disc. Close the tray and click “Read Image File” in Nero. Select your DVD drive and the destination directory for your. Backup of your PS2 game in ISO.

• Give your backup file a name and click “OK”. Nero will start by reading your PS2 game to a backup. ISO file on your computer.

• Eject the DVD drive tray and remove the original PS2 game disc after Nero has finished copying the game. Insert a new, blank DVD-R disc and close the tray.

• Open Nero and click “Copy and backup”, then “Burn image to disc”. Select your DVD burner, the. ISO backup file of your PS2 game and a title for the new DVD-R disc burned. Click “OK” and Nero will start burning your. File backup ISO of your PS2 game on a DVD-R disc.

• Repeat the process for other PS2 games you want to create backups for.

Tips and Warnings

  • When you burn your PS2 game backup, make sure you select a slower burn speed (1x, 2x, 4x) to avoid damaging hardware errors during the DVD-R burning process that could damage your computer or your PS2 backup disc.
  • Do not create illegal or pirated copies of PS2 games. Backups are for archival purposes only.

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