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How To Disable JavaScript On Tor Browser?


Many privacy-conscious people use the Tor browser but don’t turn off JavaScript. However, it is recommended to do so because some sites can exploit flaws using JavaScript.

In this tutorial, I will therefore show you 3 methods to disable JavaScript on Tor Browser.

Because in the past, using JavaScript, you could see the real IP address of a Tor Browser user. This flaw has been used for various purposes (targeting and unmasking criminal activity etc.).

Method 1: Disable JavaScript in the browser configuration

  1. Type ” about: config ” in the URL bar of the Tor browser.
  2. Accept the confirmation message by clicking on the blue button
  3. On the page that appears, there is a search bar. Type ” javascript.enabled ” inside.
  4. Double click on ” True ” to change it to ” False “. This tells Tor to disable javascript.
How to disable JavaScript on Tor Browser?

Method 2: Install JavaScript Switcher

JavaScript Switcher is an add-on that allows you to disable or enable javascript in 1 click. This method may be ideal for you if you want to leave JS on sometimes.

  1. Install JavaScript Switcher by going to this page and clicking “Add to Firefox”.
  2. You will then see a small ” JS ” button to the right of the URL. When it is grayed out javascript is disabled, when it is green javascript is enabled. To switch between the two modes you just have to click on this button.
How to disable JavaScript on Tor Browser?

Method 3: Change Security Mode in Tor Browser

You can also go through Tor’s security settings to disable javascript.

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  1. To do this, open the Tor settings panel and click on ” Options “.

2. Then select ” Privacy and Security “.

3. Scroll down almost all the way to find the security level settings. Select ” Safest ” to disable javascript from all sites.

Why is it important to use a VPN when browsing Tor?

Individually, a secure VPN and Tor are great tools for controlling your privacy. And when you combine the two, it creates an explosive cocktail.

The VPN will provide an additional layer of security to address potential Tor vulnerabilities. So, if there is a flaw in Tor but you are using a VPN, then your visible IP address will be that of the VPN server and not yours.

For Tor, I usually use PureVPN which offers great value for money. On this premium VPN, you will have a mode dedicated to security and privacy.

How to use a VPN with Tor?

It’s pretty straightforward. Before launching Tor, open PureVPN and connect to a VPN server. Then you can then open Tor and thus enjoy an extra layer of security with PureVPN.


For your safety, I recommend that you disable javascript from Tor. Some Tor flaws have emerged by exploiting javascript so it is best to disable it.

If you need JavaScript for some sites, you can use the second method which will allow you to enable/disable js with one click.

Finally, if you are using a VPN with Tor, then this is a must for security! Especially if you go to darknet sites.



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