TikTok is a fashionable social network. And if you want to save your best videos, we explain how to download TikTok videos from your web browser.

The benefit of social media platforms such as Instagram or TikTok is that you can find funny videos, funky videos, interesting videos, and attractive videos. However, you cannot save those videos to your smartphone or computer. You can share and comment on them, but you cannot download TikTok videos.

So where the official TikTok app or its web version does not reach, there we find third-party apps and services to download TikTok videos. As simple as copying the video link and pasting it in the corresponding field.

SaveFrom TikTok

SaveFrom  is a page specialized in downloading videos from multiple sources. It has a version for YouTube, for Instagram … And you could not miss one to download videos from TikTok. Paste the link, click on  Download and go ahead.

Simple as that. Free, without registration and  in three easy steps . What’s more, if you have the TikTok video link open, you can tune it with the SaveFrom link to start the download. Specifically, you should add ” sfrom.net/ ” or ” savefrom.net/ ” without quotes at the beginning of the TikTok link.

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As I said, this service works in any browser. So you can download TikTok videos on PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad and Android.

Download TikTok Videos with QLoad

Another good online tool or link to download TikTok videos is  QLoad. You can use it in any browser, desktop, or mobile. What’s more, you can indicate that the download is watermarked. By default, the download is unbranded.

how to download tiktok videos

The page itself explains how to download in three steps. It has no loss. You enter TikTok, open the video, copy the link from Share and, finally, paste the link in QLoad and download it.

TikTok Downloader

As there are not two without three, in the TikTok Downloader link you can download videos from this social network with the same ease. Copy the link, paste it.

Download TikTok Videos

This service, free and without registration, works on Windows and macOS as well as on Android, iPhone or iPad. You only need a web browser. Without installing  additional software. You can save all the videos you want to watch them offline .



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