When trying to use System Restore, if you get an error: The parameter is wrong, error 0x80070057 in Windows 10, this article will help you. The error mentions an unexpected error and prompts you to close the System Restore program and try again.

The parameter is wrong, error 0x80070057, How to fix it.

In addition to rerunning System Restore, here are the following suggestions to try to resolve the issue where System Restore is not working correctly.

  • Run DISM and SFC
  • Run System Restore from Advanced Recovery

You will need administrator permission or someone who knows how to use the advanced computers section properly.

Run DISM and SFC

Both commands can help you troubleshoot file system problems that could lead to the error. Since this is an unexpected shutdown, it is possible that a corrupted file could cause the interruption.

Open a command prompt with administrator privileges and run the following commands one by one.

Dism / Online / Cleanup-Image / RestoreHealth

You can also use options like / ScanHealth and / CheckHealth to confirm if something is wrong. It will take 15-20 minutes to complete the process.


sfc / scannow

SFC or System File Checker detects any change in the protected system file, the registry and restores it from a backup located in the Windows folder.

Run System Restore from Advanced Recovery

If the above solution does not fix the problem, we suggest starting the advanced recovery using a Windows 10 bootable USB drive.

  • Open Windows 10 settings
  • Go to Update & Security> Recovery> Advanced startup
  • Click the Restart button to begin advanced recovery.
  • On the Choose an option screen, select Troubleshoot> Advanced Options
  • Select System Restore

Since this method will ensure no conflicts with third parties, System Restore should work as expected.

A similar error occurs when trying to restore Windows 10 using the system image.

I hope the article was easy to follow and that you could resolve the 0x80070057 error problem in Windows 10 while using System Restore.