If your iPhone’s Home screen is full of apps that you don’t use or are considered too private and you don’t want anyone but you to access them, you can hide them so that no one else can access them. Let’s see how to do this.

We’ll be using a handy feature of the iOS operating system that lets you hide it on your iPhone so that no one else recognizes it, or to reduce the clutter of apps on the main screen.

How to hide apps on iPhone

In order to hide apps on iPhone, we will base ourselves on a simple method which is the only option for this purpose. Create a folder and include some apps in it on the first page, and on the second page of the folder, place the apps you want to hide.

Often times when a user taps into the folder and finds a few apps on the first page, they’ll never think of scrolling to the second page and even if they think about it, they’ll think it’s empty.

Follow the next steps to do this:

  1. The first thing we’ll do is create a folder. Touch and hold an app, then drag it to another app. This will create a folder for these two apps. You can change the name of the folder as you like.
  2. Now add apps to the folder by long pressing and then dragging to the folder as you did in the first step. All the apps you want to hide, drag them to the folder.
  3. Now open the folder then press and hold on the app you want to hide and drag it to the right of the folder, this will create a second page on the folder and leave the app there. Do the same with any other apps you want to hide (it should be left on the second page of the folder).
  4. We are done, now when you return to the main screen you will see that only the apps on the first page appear and not the apps on the second page.
 hide apps on iPhone

Remember: Remember to only leave three or four applications on the first page of the folder and you don’t have to fill them out.

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How to hide apps on iPhone with iOS 14

If you are using an iPhone running an iOS 14 operating system The best way to hide apps here is to use “Screen Time”. A very reliable way to keep certain apps out of sight on your phone.

  1. Access the application “Settings on your iPhone, then directly press Screen Time ” Screen Time “.
  2. Tap directly on an option Content and confidentiality restrictions “Content & Privacy Restrictions” Turn it on.
  3. Press Option Allowed Applications “Allowed Apps” then uncheck the next to any application button you want to hide from the iPhone home screen.
  4. Completed, these apps will no longer appear on the home screen.
 hide apps on iPhone

Of course, you can access these apps, even if they are hidden from the main screen, through the App Store or the Siri Assistant. However, if you are hiding apps from a smart person who knows every little bit about iPhone and suspects the method can be detected, use the built-in parental control feature.

You can redisplay the apps in the main screen from the same settings, just re-enable the button next to each hidden app and the apps will appear in the main interface.

Note: In case the apps you want to hide don’t appear in the list of allowed apps, just use the method we learned in the first one, namely through the folder.