Do you want to change the size of the keyboard of your Samsung mobile? You’re in luck, as you don’t need to resort to weird tricks to get this change on your device.

In one simple action, Samsung allows you to reduce or increase the size of your default keyboard. Of course, you can always look into other options to further personalize the look and size of the keyboard on your smartphone.

We show you how to increase the size of the keyboard of your mobile taking into account different options.

How to change the keyboard size on Samsung

You can increase the size of the keyboard from the Settings of the mobile or from the same configuration as the Samsung keyboard.

If you want to do it from the mobile settings, just go to General Administration >> Samsung Keyboard Settings >> Size and Transparency and you will find the options you need to change the keyboard size. And if you want to save steps, you can make this change directly from the keyboard:

  • Open the keyboard and play on the gear wheel
  •  Scroll down to Style & Design, and select Size & Transparency
  • Just move the controllers to make the keyboard the size you want

That way, you can change the width and height of the default Samsung keyboard. Once you apply the change you like, click on “Done” and that’s it. And if you want to go back to the default size, just choose “Reset.

increase the keyboard size

On the other hand, if you want to increase the size of the keys, you can also make this change from the Samsung keyboard settings. Follow the same steps we mentioned before, but in “Style and design” choose the option “Font size”.

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You will see that Samsung shows you a small controller to reduce or increase the size of the keys, with a small preview of the keyboard at the bottom. And if the changes you can make with the Samsung default keyboard don’t satisfy you, you can try other options, like Gboard or SwiftKey.

How to increase keyboard size with Gboard and SwiftKey

Google and Microsoft keyboards stand out for offering many options to customize their appearance. And among them, the possibility of increasing the size of the keys or the keyboard in a very simple way.

If you opt for Gboad, you will find that you can make this change by following these steps:

  • Open the Gboard keyboard and click on the gear wheel
  • Choose Preferences >> Layout >> Keyboard Height
  • It only remains to select one of the seven options to change the keyboard size.
How to increase the keyboard size on Samsung

And if you prefer SwiftKey, you’ll see that the dynamics are similar to Samsung’s default keyboard. You can use the controllers to change both the height and width of the keyboard. And for this, go to this section:

  • Open the SwiftKey keyboard and click on the three dots menu
  • Click on the quick shortcut to “Adjust size”
  • Just move the handles to get the size you want

Although the options are almost similar in the three keyboards, you will see that these two options allow you to have a larger keyboard on the mobile with different proposals. So you can test which dynamics best suits your criteria and allows you to have the keyboard size you want on your mobile.