WhatsApp is one of the contact applications most popular and one of the most used. After years of use, it is a tool with many hidden tricks and one of them is knowing where contact is without asking for their location.

In the application, the property of Facebook, you have the possibility of sending a location to a contact using a specific button within the conversation. However, a new way has been discovered.

Steps to follow:

To perform this trick you only have to keep two things in mind. The first is that it is necessary have a Windows 10 computer. The second is that you need the desktop version of the application, that is, WhatsApp Web

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This process does not work with an operating system of Apple, so it is important to have Windows 10. The first thing to do is open WhatsApp Web on your computer and close all the windows you have open in the background.

You also have to have a recent conversation with that person. Once these steps have been carried out, a series of commands must be performed to access the location.

  • You have to press Control + Alt + Supr. This will open the Windows Task Manager.
  • Pulsar Win + R to open the Run function. Once open you have to write cmd in the field and press Enter.
  • Pressing Enter will bring up a command prompt. There you have to write netstat-an y darle a Enter. When you press, the person’s IP address will appear.
  • You copy the IP address and you go to the website’s IP address and you introduce it.

Once these steps have been completed, you can know the location of the contacts you talk to on WhatsApp. Keep in mind that it will only work if that user also has WhatsApp Web active.

Location nearby

In this way we will be able to access the nearby location and not the location in real time. It should be mentioned that this function can be used out of curiosity, but always you have to maintain the privacy of each person and know your location with prior consent.

If you want to get the actual location of a contact in WhatsApp, you have to ask for the location. In this way, the user decides whether to send it or not. If it is sent, you just have to share the location in real-time.