The truth is that with the extensive Search network that with thousands of devices around the world helps us locate those that are lost, the possibility of an iPhone disappearing is more remote than ever. Still, if this is the case let’s review what options are available to deal with the situation. Options range from locking your iPhone to getting a new one through Apple Care+.

How to lock an iPhone if it’s lost or stolen and what to do next

There are several steps to take after someone realizes their iPhone is missing. The first step is to locate it on a map to try to find it. To do this, you can use the Find My app on another device linked with the same Apple ID or go to to locate it. After entering the Apple ID and password the iPhone should be located. In many cases, it is best to call the police so that they can come and recover the phone.

If the phone doesn’t offer any location, the next step is to mark it as lost and lock the iPhone completely. This is something that can be done from the Search app. On the Devices tab, simply select the missing device, scroll to the bottom, tap Activate under Mark as Lost, and follow the steps on the screen to give a contact phone number or message to whoever finds it.

After completing this step, it is best to inform the police of the event and, if the iPhone is covered by AppleCare +, contact Apple to facilitate a replacement. It is also important to contact the operator to cancel the SIM card. Then it is best to wipe the device remotely, the option for this is just below the Mark as lost that we just saw. It is important not to wipe the device until the AppleCare+ claim has been approved.

The truth is that there are several options available when an iPhone disappears, either due to theft or loss. It is true that iPhones by their own architecture protect the data they contain, but locking the iPhone with the Search app is an extra that, among other things, for example, eliminates credit cards from Apple Pay.

As we mentioned at the beginning of the article, the blocking capabilities, location access, the inability to use a stolen or found iPhone due to activation lock, and other measures make friends of the alien think twice before touching An iPhone. At the same time, if it has been lost, being able to see a contact telephone number on the screen to speak directly with the owner and return it to them greatly facilitates being able to recover it.




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