Netflix’s icon library used to be the only way to customize profiles. Now, there is a Chrome extension that helps users upload their favourite images to Netflix.

This extension caused a stir on social networks when users showed their aesthetic profiles. Family members can have a unique image to distinguish each person’s interests or a person can create a gallery with each profile. The choice is ultimately yours! This article will show you how to take a profile photo on Kapwing and use the extension to add it to your Netflix account. Let us begin!

  1. Upload and resize an image
  2. Install custom profile picture for Netflix extension
  3. Choose a profile
  4. Upload your profile picture

Step one: upload and resize an image

If you’re looking for some inspiration before diving into the tutorial, I recommend checking out TikTok. Enter “Netflix Profile Photos” into the app’s search bar. After that, watch some videos and jot down any ideas that strike your fancy. I’ve seen users change their profile pictures to include a member of BTS or One Direction. Pinterest is another excellent resource for anything involving beautiful images.

To resize my image in this tutorial, I’m using Kapwing, a browser-based video editor. Kapwing is available for free on any iPhone, Android, PC, or tablet. To open Studio, go to Kapwing and click “start editing.” You can drag and drop your image or GIF into Studio, or you can add it from your device by clicking ” upload “.

Now is the time to resize the image so it doesn’t appear cut off or distorted on Netflix. Change the aspect ratio by clicking 1: 1 under “output size” to make your image a perfect square.

How To Make a Custom Profile Picture For Netflix

Kapwing has additional tools to help you create the perfect image. I frequently use filters to alter the appearance of a photograph. To see how it looks on your image, click “adjust,” then “filters,” and then select an option. You can change a filter’s intensity by adjusting the tab and changing the brightness, saturation, and other settings.

Overlays are a simple way to correct an image. You can look for overlays by going to “images” and then “image search.” To make the background transparent, add “png” to your text. You can always use the erase tool to remove the background. Add emoji, fancy text, shapes, GIFs, and other effects until you’re satisfied with the image.

How To Make a Custom Profile Picture For Netflix
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Click “export image” in the upper right corner, then click “download” to save it to your device. You can first remove the watermark by creating a free account with Kapwing. If you register, you can edit and store your photo for up to two days.

Step two: install the custom profile image extension

Let’s start by visiting the Chrome web store and installing the custom profile image for the Netflix extension. Click ” add to Chrome,” then ” add extension ” when prompted. I recommend pinning the extension to the toolbar to make it easy to access. Otherwise, you can click on the extension’s icon to see a list of all your extensions.

How to make a custom profile picture for Netflix

Step three: choose a profile

Head over to Netflix and log in with your credentials, then hover over your profile photo in the upper right corner of the screen. Click on ” Manage Profiles ” to bring up a list of your profiles.

How to make a custom profile picture for Netflix

Step four: upload your profile picture

Click the extension on your toolbar and then select a profile from the drop-down menu. From here, click “select image” to upload your profile photo. You can add an image for up to five profiles, and your image cannot be larger than 5MB.

You will see a preview of your image, then click “save.” Refresh your browser and you will see your new and improved profile picture. Since this is accomplished with an extension, only view your custom profile photo on your computer.

How To Make a Custom Profile Picture For Netflix