Reddit is a popular social media platform used as a forum for asking questions. You can ask questions and post on Reddit. Reddit users will answer your questions and you can also discuss them in the comment sections. When chatting, you will sometimes need to quote someone’s comments or messages and reply to them. Quote in Reddit is easy to do the task and you can easily quote on Reddit using your smartphone app or website. When you quote a comment or question on Reddit, it will appear with a gray line in front.

How to Quote on Reddit: The Easiest Way

If you want to quote someone on Reddit, the easiest way is to copy the text and click on the Reply button.

(1) Go to the comment you want to quote.

(2) Select the comment part or all and click the Reply button.

(3) The selected text will appear as quotation marks. Now you can write your answer.

Note : This method is not available in the Reddit smartphone app.

How to Get a Quote on Reddit Website on Windows/Mac/Linux

You can easily quote on the Reddit website with the inbuilt options below.

(1) Open the browser on your computer and go to the Reddit website and log in with your credentials.

(2) Open the message in which you want to insert a quote.

(3) Now go to the Comment section and find the comment you want to post a quote.

Note: It is also possible to quote the original content of the message and you can find it at the top of the thread.

(4) Select the comment you want to quote and copy it.

(5) Now click on the Reply button and select the Follow icon.


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