In Stumble Guys we will face strangers in games of 32 players, but what if we want to play alone against 1 friend? Many players don’t know how to play 1vs1 in Stumble Guys since the game doesn’t include this mode, but it is possible. Here we tell you how to play against one or several friends, whether you want to compete against them or train to improve.

Two alternatives respond to how to play 1vs1 in Stumble Guys. We can play against 1 friend from a group game or get rid of the other players so that only we and our friend qualify for the following maps. The first alternative is simpler, so we’ll start with it. We will deal with the second option later.

We can play 1vs1 from a group game, but we must take into account that the remaining 30 players will be bots. We will not be strictly alone on the map but the other characters will have a very low level. From Group we will invite a friend to our group, in Create Group, or we will enter theirs, entering their code in Join. Then we will start the game, which, in these matchups, will be infested with bots. Sometimes a human player can sneak in, but it’s not common. If we are not satisfied, we can create a private Stumble Guys server, but it is a risky alternative.

The second alternative is based on only us and our friend qualifying. We will start the game with 32 players, but the following ones will only be played by us. As in the previous alternative, we must start a game with a friend, but we must have Floor Flip. In this scenario, there is a balance before the goal, which we must overcome together with our friend before the others. Once overcome, we will hold it so that no player can pass, and then reach the goal. As the game will be full of bots, they will not be able to turn the balance and it will end with only the 2 of us qualified.

How to play training mode in Stumble Guys

Stumble Guys does not allow a training mode, but there is a cheat to train. How to play training mode in Stumble Guys? We will start a game together with another player, but this player will be us with a B account. We can start Stumble Guys from the computer using BlueStack, get into a group created from the mobile and start the game. Most of the players will be bots. We must have the same version of the game to share with a group.

The successful mobile game still does not allow us to play exclusive games with friends or training mode. For this reason, we must resort to these tricks that are not perfect but allow us to play as we wish. When starting a game with a friend, the number of bots will depend on who starts it, as some players have more bots than others. You will need to check with your friend, or your B account, how many bots each spawn. That said, you now know how to play 1v1 in Stumble Guys so you can challenge your friends and find out who is the best.



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