iMessage Cup Pong is a fun multiplayer game in which players take turns throwing a ball into cups. The player who can throw the ball into the most cups wins the match.

Cup Pong is a fun party game. So, how do you play iMessage cup pong? And how can you outperform your friends? It is, in fact, quite straightforward. The rules of Cup Pong are similar to the rules of beer pong.

To play cup pong on iMessage, players must first initiate the game and then take turns. The gameplay is easy to understand. Here are the rules, gameplay, and tricks available to you.

Gameplay and rules

  1. The game must have two players: A second player needs to join for the game to begin competitively. The player starting the game will take the first turn throwing the ball to the cups.
  2. The players have to put the ball in a cup to earn a point: There is only one way to get points in cup pong, and that is by placing the ball inside a mug. If a ball hits the ball that is not counted as a score.
  3. Each player has one attempt per turn: Every player will attempt to play the ball once. If they put in successfully, they then earn another consecutive attempt until when the ball fails to fall in the cup.
  4. Once a ball lands in a cup, the cup is removed: Every time a ball falls inside a cup, the cup is set aside until all cups are removed. On the restart, all the cups are returned and arranged in a pyramid shape.
  5. The winner is the player who has put the ball in most of the cups: A tally is done, and the player who has successfully thrown the ball in as many cups wins the match.


These Cup Pong iMessage tips will show you how to throw the ball and win the game. Even if you play cup pong online, there are no easy cheats. You must still pay attention to the finer points.

  1. When starting, always aim for the middle cups: On the first round, the middle cups are always the easiest to get. This is because you do not need to struggle with angles. The only thing you need is to shoot with enough power.
  2. Eliminate the easiest options first: Since points are earned per the number of cups removed, try to get all the nearest and easy cups first. This will give you an advantage over your opponent rather than trying to go for the fancy far cups.
  3. Preview your shot alignment first: Try and measure with a straight object the trajectory of your shot to correctly anticipate where it will fall. You can use a ruler to form the perfect line and use it as a guide for your shot.

Because Cup Pong is a difficult technical game, there are no simple ways to play it on iMessage. However, with these tips and enough practice, the experience becomes more enjoyable and comfortable over time.


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