The developer mode on Android smartphones is a mode to activate, allowing access to many additional options on your phone. b/w others to prefer Remove Developer Mode On Andriod Smartphone

Hidden by default on your phone, you have to perform a small hidden manipulation in order to have access to it. You probably already know, if you go to the ” about phone ” tab, and successively press the “build number” line 7 times, then you will have access to this option.

So why hide this feature on Android? What is developer mode really used for on your phone?

Continue reading to learn what this mode can be used for, why you should be cautious with it, and how to deactivate it on your phone.

Developer Mode On Andriod, What Is It For?

Before showing you how to remove developer mode on Android, here is a quick summary of its use.

By analyzing its name, we first think that this parameter is intended for developers. However, you should know that the options available with this feature are much easier to manipulate than you might think. The name is, therefore, a bit misleading, although you should be careful when handling these parameters.

Here are the main settings accessible with developer mode on Android.

Advantages Of Developer Mode On A Smartphone

  • Root your phone: The procedure to root your phone inevitably involves activating developer mode. This makes sense because rooting your phone involves accessing sensitive files on the phone, and that’s exactly what this mode makes it easy to access. If you are interested in rooting your phone, or just want to know what it means, it’s here:
  • Take a video screenshot: If for example you are passionate about video games, and you want to record your exploits directly on your phone, this goes through developer mode.
  • Optimizing the performance of your phone  In the same context as what is said above, it is possible to boost your performance, especially for video games, through this developer mode.
  • Install apps not available on the Play-store: There are all kinds of unofficial apps that might interest you. For this, it will sometimes be necessary to go through the activation of developer mode;
  • Activate USB debugging: this allows a PC and its smartphone to communicate, for various operations. In particular, imagine that you lose the lock pattern of your phone, it is possible to reset it without erasing all its data, only if you have previously activated the USB debugging , and therefore also the developer mode. To know more:

These are just a small part of all the things you can do with this developer mode. However, what do you risk if it stays on without your knowledge? Or are you doing the wrong thing?

Here’s a quick rundown of the potential risks to your phone if you leave this developer mode enabled.

Is There A Risk Of Not Deactivating Developer Mode On Andriod

Rest assured, despite its seemingly scary name, developer mode is just an extension of options already available on phones. Among all the options accessible through this mode, very few are really dangerous for your phone or its data.

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The worst scenario would possibly be to perform a “  hard reset ” of your phone, ie to reset it to the factory state, but this is very unlikely unintentionally.

So rest assured, other than if you let a child play with this phone, you don’t run a great risk of having it on all the time.

However, if this bothers you anyway, don’t panic, there is a way to deactivate this developer mode on your Android.

How To Remove Developer Mode On Andriod

To achieve this, the procedure is very simple:

  • Go to your phone’s settings
  • Scroll through the options to the ” systems and updates ” tab  , then open the
  • In this system menu , look for the option ”  options for developers “, and open the
  • You will therefore see the option for developers checked, you just have to uncheck it in order to remove the accessibility to these options
Remove Developer Mode on andriod

The instant you uncheck this option, the entire developer options menu will disappear. You will then have to perform the reverse operation in order to reactivate this option.

If you do not know how to do this, remember, you must go to the ” about the phone ” tab, and successively press the ” build number ” line  7 times, in order to reactivate this mode.