The Amazon application has become one of the most efficient and intuitive in the online commerce sector. Its cleanliness compared to others such as AliExpress or Shein make a difference, but it is inevitable that in the first steps some doubts arise, such as knowing how to see my old Amazon orders in the application. This article will detail the steps to follow to see everything we have been buying on the platform.

As soon as we open the Amazon application, we have to click on the doll-shaped icon that we find in the lower menu bar, the second from the left. There we will access our user information, and if we click on ‘My orders’ or ‘See all, we will reach our latest purchases on the platform.

When accessing that content, the most recent purchases will appear first, but if we click on the ‘Filter’ button on the right, we can do a better screening. If we go to the ‘Filter by order date’ section, we will find the most recent periods, but also all the purchases we have made categorized by year, thus being able to check what we ordered in 2015 or 2017 if we wish.

How to Hide My Old Amazon Orders

Although the app fairly closely replicates the web version, some features will inevitably be missing, with many users asking how to hide their old Amazon orders.  , this function is not available within the Amazon application, and it remains to be seen if it will be included in future updates. The mobile version of its website does not have this option at the moment either.

In this way, to hide an old Amazon order, we will have to do it through the desktop version of its website. In the upper menu bar we will have to click on ‘Returns and orders’ so that all our purchases appear, and if we want to archive one or more orders, we have at our disposal the message ‘Archive order’ below each one. We click, and it is already hidden and safe from prying eyes. Amazon has set a limit of 500 orders that a user can archive, a fairly large figure that should make it easy to use this tool without any complications.

How to reorder a product from the Amazon app

Loved the last book you ordered and want to give another to a friend or family member? In that case, you are interested in knowing how to reorder a product from the Amazon app. These repetitive purchases are more common than it may seem at first glance, so this platform has incorporated a way to able to repeat orders quickly and easily.

When accessing the Amazon application, we click on the doll-shaped icon in the lower menu bar, and then on ‘My orders’ (or ‘See all’, which takes us to the same page). We click on the order that we want to repeat and we will find just below the name of the item and its image the message ‘Buy it again’. We press and the application will take us to the page to confirm it again and have it sent home again.


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