Google Photos is one of the best applications to organize the images that we have on our mobile devices. Within this application you can use shortcuts to manage images faster, we show you how to select everything in Google Photos.

Creating shared albums, collages or videos are some of the tools that Google Photos has to help us better manage and share all the images that we store or take with the mobile camera.

Being as productive as possible when using Google Photos saves us time organizing images. In the application some shortcuts facilitate its use, we explain below how to select everything in Google Photos so you don’t have to do it individually.

How to select all photos from Google photos at once

If you want to know how to select everything in Google Photos or what is the same, to know how to select all the photos in Google Photos at once, follow the steps detailed below.

Open Google Photos and then click on the “Photos” icon that you have at the bottom left of the screen. Then hold down the first image and without lifting your finger scroll down or up, depending on where the rest of the images are to the end.

All the photos will be selected in a few seconds so that you can continue working and carrying out any other task with them.

How to move all photos from Google Photos to device folders

If you have already learned how to select everything in Google Photos, but now you need to know how to move all photos from Google Photos to device folders, check out the following steps.

The first thing you have to do is what we have shown you before, select all the images. Remember that you had to enter the app and click on the first image above or below and then without lifting your finger go down or up. You will see how they are all marked with a blue tick which means they are selected.

Once all the images are selected, click on the share icon, which is the one with circles joined by lines at an angle, and at the bottom of the screen slide your finger to the right until the option “Copy to device” appears . . Then choose the folder where to copy the images and wait for the process to complete.

How to delete photos from Google Photos and not from the device

If you want to know how to delete photos from Google Photos and not from the device, we will explain all the steps you must follow to do it. The first thing you have to do is make a copy of all the photos on the mobile device. To do this, enter the Google Photos application and select all the images you have in the “Photos” section.

Once they are all selected, click on the share icon, marked with a connector of circles and lines at the top of the screen, right next to the +. Now in the interface that is displayed, you can see where it says “Share in applications”. You have to press where it says “Copy to device”. If you see that it does not appear among the first options, click on the “More” button and look for the icon in the form of a yellow folder by sliding to the right. Choose the folder where you are going to copy the images and complete the process.

Once you have all the images copied, go back to Google Photos. Select all of them again and click on the trash can icon. Google Photos will inform you that all photos have been deleted, but only from this application. They will continue to be copied into the file manager of your mobile phone.

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