We are going to tell you how you can sign documents on your iPhone without having to print them. In the digital era, it can be quite tedious having to print a document, physically sign it and then scan it to send it. iOS allows the process to be carried out in a simple way, so it is not necessary to obtain the physical document.

In this tutorial, we are going to tell you how to sign documents from the Notes app, without installing applications. If you want to do it through applications, here are the best applications to scan documents on mobile.

Signing documents with the Notes app

The iPhone Notes app allows us to sign documents without having to print them. The only drawback is that to carry out this process, we have to scan the document from the Notes app.

  • Open the Notes app
  • open a note
  • Press the camera button
  • Hit scan documents
  • Another option is to long press on the Notes app icon and scan

Once you have the document scanned within the Notes application, you have to click on the share icon (top right) and click on the ‘Marking’ option. Once here the different brushes will open, with the ‘+’ icon on the right, click on it.

You can now start signing your document, and creating a signature so that it is saved (you can use other signatures later and modify the current one). You can adjust the size of the signature and place it wherever you want and, the truth is, it will be of high quality.

For legal purposes, it is the same as signing any document physically, so you can send any scanned and signed document in this way without any problem.

By Mbah Chinedu

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