Problems may arise when installing an HP printer. Firstly, you may accidentally use the wrong installation package or the installation package you are using may get corrupted. 

There are also a number of errors that can interrupt your printer installation and cause it to fail. One of these errors is “Fatal error / MSI.netdevicemanager40”. 

The “Fatal error / MSI.netdevicemanager40” error can cause the installation of an HP printer to fail, regardless of the HP printer you are trying to install or the current version of the Windows operating system running on your computer.

Affected users often see the error “Fatal error / MSI.netdevicemanager40” during the initial steps of installing the HP printer. The “Fatal error / MSI.netdevicemanager40” error message can be confusing even for experienced users of HP printers, although the error is by no means incorrigible. If you encounter an “MSI.netdevicemanager40 Fatal Error” and want to correct it, please contact us.

What is the cause of the fatal error “MSI.netdevicemanager40”?

MSI.netdevicemanager40 Error

The reason for this fatal error is related to the system and the installation package. On a Windows computer, there may be an issue with a corrupted Windows registry and/or system drivers. The installer software may also be faulty.

Below we have listed some suitable solutions to the fatal “MSI.netdevicemanager40” error.

How to resolve the “MSI.netdevicemanager40” fatal error?

MSI.netdevicemanager40 Error

Start an SFC scan

  1. Go to Start> type cmd> right click on Command Prompt> select Run as administrator.
  2. Now type the command sfc / scannow.
  3. Wait for the scan to finish and restart your computer.
  4. All corrupted files will be overwritten on restart.

Damaged or missing system files can prevent the printer from being installed correctly, resulting in a fatal MSI.netdevicemanager40 error.

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Perform a Windows Update

MSI.netdevicemanager40 Error
  1. Continue up
  2. Enter Windows updates in the search box
  3. In the search results, click Windows Update Options
  4. Click Check for Updates
  5. Install the latest updates for Windows
  6. After successfully updating your Windows computer, you can start installing the printer installation package.

Microsoft Windows responds to issues such as the serious MSI.netdevicemanager40 bug by releasing hotfixes to resolve the issues. Plus, updating your Windows operating system will keep your computer fresh and up to date. It will also help you resolve any other issues or difficulties you may have.

Delete the spooler files and restart the spooler service

  1. Click on the Start button.
  2. Go to the search box and type services
  3. Click on Services in the search results
  4. Under Services, double-click Print Spooler.
  5. Select Stop and then OK.
  6. Open the search box again and type% WINDIR% system32spoolprinters
  7. Select the folder with the files. You must have administrator rights to access it.
  8. Delete all folders from the folder
  9. Double-click Print Spooler again under Services.
  10. Click on the Start button.
  11. Access the list of startup types
  12. Select the Automatically field.
  13. Click Apply, then click OK
  14. Then install the printer software.

Use a third-party registry cleaner

  1. Download a third-party registry cleaner
  2. Install it and follow the instructions to complete the installation.
  3. Once installed, run the third-party registry cleaner and click on the “Scan” option.
  4. Once the third-party registry cleaner has finished scanning, click “Run Registry Cleaner”.
  5. Follow the instructions to delete temporary files.

Overflowing Windows registry, leftover software, unused file extensions, missing DLLs, class issues and ActiveX can cause fatal MSI.netdevicemanager40 error. Hence, you should use a third-party registry cleaner, which is highly recommended to fix various system issues.