Did you know that Netflix has specific, but very specific categories, such as acid humor, suspense classics, and British series, hidden in the interface? You can unlock these categories with secret Netflix codes without mystery.

These Netflix categories are not purposely hidden, but rather serve to organize the streaming service’s “digital shelves” and recommend content to users. These categories are accessed by Netflix codes that unlock these lists.

How are these Netflix codes?

The bad news is that you won’t be able to use Netflix codes in smartphone or TV apps, only in web browsers. To begin, the user must use a browser to log into their account. Please take note of the URL.

  • netflix.com/browse/genre/XXXX

It is, for example, “American Films”, whose ending is 3761.

You may be wondering how to know the Netflix code of all categories since there are hundreds. Some sites host a list, such as netflix-codes.com.

Next, I leave you the complete list, organized according to Netflix itself. But before that, I will give the hint of some plugins that can shorten the way and make it easier to use.

They are, for Google Chrome:

  1. All Netflix categories
  2. Hidden Netflix Categories
  3. Netflix hidden category search

Just download in your browser and follow the step by step of what you prefer.

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Netflix code list

Now yes, the list of Netflix secret codes, which release those hidden categories. Some are repeated because they have characteristics of one or more genres.

Action & Adventure 1365

Classic Movies 31574

6548 Comedies

Dramas 5763

Horror Movies 8711

Romantic Movies 8883

Sci-Fi & Fantasy 1492

Sports Movies 4370

Thrillers 8933

Documentaries 6839

Season 83

Teen Series 60951

Movies for the Whole Family 783

Anime 7424

Independent Movies 7077

Foreign films

Music 1701



There is much more…

Still, the number of 200 hidden categories doesn’t even come close to all the sections Netflix has created for its catalog. As The Atlantic discovered in 2014, Netflix’s streaming service had 76,897 categories of movies and series.

At ogres-crypt.com, you will find hundreds or even thousands of other hidden sections of the streaming service, such as “sentimental dramas on social issues” and “horror and cult films about science and fiction horror”. Some no longer exist.

On another page, Finder.com/netflix/genre-list (which can take a long time to load or crash your browser), 27,002 hidden Netflix categories are listed, a number that is still far from the 70,000 revealed by The Atlantic for containing. elements such as “Asian horror movies with a strong woman as the protagonist.”