Today many people have come to earn money with social networks thanks to having many followers. And, therefore, it is not surprising that many users wonder if it is legal to buy followers on Instagram.

The answer to this question is clear. The purchase of followers is against the terms and conditions of the use of social networks. Therefore, if you buy followers and those responsible for Instagram find out, they could close your account for breach of the conditions. So, why are there people who are dedicated to buying followers? Well, because the reality is that the social network doesn’t spend too much time checking if the followers are real or bought. Therefore, most likely, if you buy followers, no one will notice.

But you also have to take into account that the purchased followers do not usually interact with the publications, since they are usually bots.

Comments and likes are, in addition to the number of followers, parameters that brands also look at when looking for their influencers. Therefore, having a large number of followers who do not interact with you in any way will not do you much good either, since you will still have a hard time making money on the platform.

Where to buy Instagram followers safely

If despite what we have told you, you still have in mind the purchase of followers, you are probably wondering where to buy followers on Instagram safely. And it is that in this market of social networks scams abound.

One of the websites where you can buy followers is amediasocial. In it you can buy packs of different numbers of followers, being able to buy from 1,000 followers for 9.99 euros to 10,000 followers for 79.99 euros. In addition, you will be gaining two thousand followers a day, so that a rise that is too fast is not so noticeable.

Instaboom is another tool that allows you to purchase quality followers. In this case, the prices are for weeks or months. Each week you will gain about 300-400 followers, so the growth of your account will be progressive.

By Mbah Chinedu

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