In the last few hours the first build of Windows 11 has arrived for Windows Insiders and, with it, new details about the necessary requirements to install the future Microsoft operating system. The company has explained why they require some things, why certain computers will have compatible ones and which ones are not yet decided.

During these first days since Windows 11 was introduced, a series of doubts and confusion has arisen about what Microsoft requires of the devices. We know, for example, that TPM 2.0 is required, storage of at least 64 GB and RAM of at least 4 GB, among other things. We can consult all the requirements that Microsoft gave at the time, although now there is hope for some extra devices.

The mess of PC Health Check and 7th Gen Intel and AMD Zen 1 processors

To easily know if a computer was compatible or not with Windows 11, what Microsoft asked users is to use PC Health Check. When you open this tool, you can see at a glance whether or not your computer is compatible with Windows 11. The problem? It was not detailed at all, it only said if it was compatible or not without giving more technical details. Now Microsoft says they are temporarily retiring it to improve it and release it again in the fall when Windows 11 arrives.

Windows 11 requirements

On the other hand, Microsoft has given some hope to users of a computer with 7th generation Intel or AMD Zen 1 as CPU. At first, these processors are not supported. However, Microsoft says that during these next few weeks they will test Windows 11 with manufacturers to see if it is possible to make them compatible. They will give more details about it in the future.

The company assures that these requirements and conditions that they put for Windows 11 are for security, stability and compatibility . Hence the reason why a TPM 2.0 for example or 4 GB of memory is requested to make the apps compatible.

While the official version will arrive sometime in the fall, Microsoft has already shipped the first build of Windows 11 for insiders. This build can be downloaded if you are enrolled in the Windows Insiders program. And, of course, if you have a compatible device.