Speakers are widely used to amplify enjoyable sound. You can not only enjoy music but also hear tons of sounds with the speakers. This device converts audio signals into sound. It gives you excellent audio output for hearing.

However, one speaker may sound louder than the other at times. Why is it that one of the speakers speaks louder than the other? If you’re dealing with such a problem, there are a variety of explanations for it.

We’ll look at why one speaker is louder than the other in this article. We’ll also show you how to locate and correct the issue.

Why One Speaker Louder Than The Other?

Two speakers are typically installed to improve the overall audio system. They are linked to the amplifier. However, one of them occasionally fails to function correctly. Often, one speaker is louder than the other.

There will be various reasons why one speaker is louder than the other. It is due to inadequate speaker quality, a faulty wire connection or signal source, etc.

First and foremost, you must inspect the speakers to be confident that both speakers are in good working order.

Then we go over all of the reasons why one speaker sounds louder than the other and what to do about it.

One Speaker Louder Than The Other

Major Reasons Why One Speaker Sounds Louder

Swap the Speakers:

The most straightforward approach to test is to switch the speakers and their wires. When you swap the speakers, you’ll discover that the fault is either in the speaker or somewhere else. As you can see, either the speaker is defective, or the problem is elsewhere.

Before swapping out your speakers, make sure the speaker wire ends are in good condition. Also, check sure that no stray wire strands are protruding.

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Furthermore, ensure that they are securely and neatly inserted into their corresponding connectors.

Swap the speaker wires to the speaker once you’ve gained confidence in the wire. That might assist you to figure out what’s causing the issue.

Problem with Signal Source:

If you replace the speaker and the problem persists, the issue is most likely in the signal source. Before you begin, turn on your speaker and listen for a few minutes. Unfortunately, the majority of the speakers do not have the most exemplary switch. You may choose from a plethora of top speaker switches on Amazon. Check them out if you want specific product recommendations.

If the sound is about the same, the issue is with the signal source. But what is the significance of an audio signal? It is significant because it transports the audio signal from the start to the output. The amplifier’s output is connected to speakers and converts an electrical signal into sound. If the speaker does not receive adequate power, it will be unable to produce a pleasing sound.

Because of the broken RCA cable, the signal between the speaker and other devices was lost. A faulty RCA cable might cause sound to be stronger in one speaker than the other. As a result, you must inspect the RCA cable. When you notice a broken RCA cable, you must repair it.

Keep in mind that the RCA cable must be of high quality because low-quality cable wears out quickly and affects the speaker.

Although there are many options, the Monoprice Premium RCA Cable is the best. After doing your research, you realize that these cables are the best.

Check The Wires:

Positive and negative speaker wires exist. They must be in the correct location and condition. If the speaker’s cables to the amplifier break or become loose, one speaker will emit a louder sound than the other.

Check your wiring to ensure that the wires are correctly connected. If you look at the loose connection between the speaker and the amplifier, you should retain it.

Finally, if there is no problem with the wiring, there must be another solution. The connections could be the source of the issue.

Check The Connection:

It would help if you inspected not only the cables but also their connections. The connection between the speaker and amplifier is occasionally slack, resulting in poor sound quality. This problem can develop if the nuts that are connected via wires fail. When you discover a loose connection between the speaker and the amplifier, you should keep it.


We go over all of the reasons why one speaker is louder than the other. We also included illustrations to assist you in locating and resolving the issue.

Always keep in mind that only properly operating speakers provide high-quality audio output. As a result, you must take action if your speaker is louder than the other.