Handheld vacuum cleaners have taken over many homes. The current offer of models on the market makes it increasingly difficult to choose one model or another. Most of the options that can be found today always suffer from one of the three fundamental pillars on which a good handheld vacuum cleaner is based: the suction power, the autonomy, or the weight of the set. Proscenic presents a model on stage that aims to comply with these three pillars.

We are talking about the Proscenic P11, the company’s most advanced cleaning device for homes. With a suction power exceeding that of the competition and weight of fewer than 2 kilograms, the vacuum cleaner promises to vacuum all types of surfaces thanks to the different brushes it integrates: from soft surfaces such as beds, sofas, and pillows to porous surfaces and vehicles. 

Proscenic P11 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Data Sheet

Dyson 360 Heurist
FormatHandheld vacuum cleaner
Cleaning modesAuto, Eco, and Max
Power450 W
Suction power25,000 Pascals in Max mode
11,500 to 22,000 Pascals in Auto mode
8,500 Pascals in Eco mode
Dirt tank650 milliliters
Battery2,500 mAh with fast charge (up to two and a half hours)
AutonomyUp to 60 minutes
ConnectivityTo be specified
Revolutions per minute130,000 RPM
SurfacesAll surfaces and carpets
NoiseUp to 78 decibels
Dimensions125.5 x 25.5 x 22.16 centimeters and 1.8 kilograms
Release dateAvailable
PriceFrom 259 euros on Amazon

450W Of Power Goes a Lot, More Than You Think

The Proscenic P11 vacuum cleaner comes with a motor of no less than 450 W, sustaining, in turn, by a voltage of 34 V. This motor is capable of providing a suction power of no less than 25,000 Pascals in Max mode. that is, ten times more than the most potent intelligent vacuum cleaners on the market. Its engine, by the way, is capable of reaching 130,000 revolutions per minute, a figure that practically doubles the revolutions reached by intelligent vacuum cleaners.

Proscenic P11 vacuum cleaner

The grip system in the hand and its low weight allow greater comfort when cleaning on any surface.

These figures imply that the vacuum cleaner is compatible with all types of surfaces, regardless of the degree of grime or the materials used to construct the surface. The firm claims that the vacuum cleaner-compatible brush, which is not available in the regular box in this case, will eliminate pet hair.

The possibilities of the new Proscenic P11 do not stop there. The vacuum cleaner can clean dust and general dirt from the environment, which is even more significant than walnut shells. Its multi-stage filtration system enables the capture of 99.99 percent of the particles ejected throughout the cleaning procedure in such a way that the suction is carried out without leaks through the four stages that make up the machine’s interior.

Up To 60minutes Of Autonomy With Continuous Use

The Proscenic ™ P11 comes equipped with a removable 2,500 mAh lithium-ion battery capable of providing a range of up to 60 minutes of continuous use. In other words, the vacuum cleaner can endure a whole day of cleaning using the different modes it integrates: Eco, Turbo, and Auto, which modifies the suction power depending on the level of dirt: 25,000 Pascals in Max mode, from 11,500 to 22,000 Pascals in Auto mode and 8,500 Pascals in Eco mode.

We can reduce the size of the vacuum tube to adapt cleaning to all types of environments, from a vehicle to armchairs, carpets, and curtains.

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In fact, the vacuum cleaner itself is capable of detecting carpets, in such a way that the power will increase automatically without us having to proceed manually. This battery is accompanied by a tank with a capacity of up to 650 milliliters, so we will not have to empty it with each pass. In terms of charging speed, the vacuum cleaner has a fast-charging system that allows the battery to be refilled in just two and a half hours: practically half that of other commercial vacuum cleaners. And all this with a weight that does not reach 2 kilograms; specifically, 1.8 kilograms.

Touch Screen Function Control And Docking Station

Unchecked power is useless, as the famous Pirelli slogan in 1997 said. To improve human-machine interaction, the Proscenic P11 uses a small LED-backlit touch screen to control the car’s different functions. Vacuum cleaner, such as suction mode or suction power. We can also know the percentage of the remaining battery and the various error messages displayed when the vacuum cleaner detects some failure, generally caused by the incorrect installation of accessories.

Proscenic P11 vacuum cleaner

Through the touch button, we can control the different functions of the screen.

To facilitate the storage of the vacuum cleaner at home, the vacuum cleaner incorporates a base that we can adapt without screws to the wall thanks to the adhesive it contains. The battery extraction system makes it possible to charge the vacuum cleaner separately. We will not have to have a nearby outlet or carry cables that affect the environment. And if we buy an additional battery, the autonomy will double, thus obtaining 120 minutes of continuous use.

Cheaper Than You Think

That’s how it is. Away from prices around 500 and 600 euros, the Proscenic P11 starts from 259 euros on Amazon, less than half that of the competition’s products. On this platform alone, the vacuum cleaner has more than 1,800 ratings, with an average of 4.5 stars out of 5.

Another point that we must consider is that the vacuum cleaner is sold by the brand itself and distributed by Amazon, so the guarantee does not depend on third parties. On the other hand, we can add the pet brush as an optional accessory since it is not included in the standard pack.


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