Roborock, Xiaomi’s investee company, has earned a niche in the aspiration sector for its high-performance solutions at affordable prices for what they offer. After its good work in robot vacuum cleaners, this Roborock H7 (which succeeds the Roborock H6) arrives in the form of an ambitious proposal that looks at the best in front of the best … at least in technical data, but we already tell you that it delivers what it promises. We have thoroughly tested the Roborock H7 and this is our experience.

Roborock H7 Specification

DIMENSIONS AND WEIGHT284 x 111 x 231 mm
1.46 kilos
DRUMS80 Wh, 22.2V / 3,610 mAh
AUTONOMYEco: 90 minutes
Normal: 45 minutes
Maximum: 8 minutes
HARDWAREWashable and removable
reservoir Washable and removable
filter HEPA filter
5-layer filtration MagBase
COMPONENTSMulti-surface main
brush Small motorized
brush Dust removal brush Crevice
cleaning tool
tube Center tube
bag gripper 2x dust bag
OTHERSIgnition lock
Maximum mode on carpet
Energy regeneration in off mode
Child Lock
PRICE399 euros

Design: your face sounds familiar to me

The feeling I had when I opened the box of the Roborock H7 was déjà vu. And it is that except for the color chosen for the extension tube, materials, finishes, and assembly form are very similar to those of the Dyson V11. And that’s not a bad thing, quite the contrary: aluminum provides lightness, plastic is functional and resistant and the way of fitting is fast and robust.

The second was a surprise: the Roborock H7 box has two floors because it is packed with accessories. Apart from the charger and the wall bracket, which comes in handy to have this arsenal collected and organized without taking up much space thanks to the magnetic attachment (like knives), we find:

  • a multi-surface brush for floors and carpets
  • small motorized brush, very similar to the previous one but in miniature. Useful for tight spaces.
  • dust brush
  • cornerback
  • flexible tube
  • extender tube
  • two dust bags to minimize exposure to particles, especially interesting for people with respiratory problems and / or allergies

Thanks to the set of accessories we can use it as an upright, broom, and hand vacuum cleaner.

Getting started couldn’t be easier: embed the accessory you want in the head and, when you hear the clack, it is ready to use. You can also combine the tube with another accessory to vacuum more comfortably without bending over or simply going further.

The head is the most striking part of the Roborock H7. It is shaped like a jug and inside it houses a 500 ml capacity tank with the filtering system (lower part), a 480 W motor capable of generating a suction power of 160 AW (according to manufacturer), and the battery.

To hold it we will use a handle similar to that of a drill, which will come into action when we press the button. The downside of continuously pressing these types of triggers is that the joint can suffer. No problem, Roborock has thought about the details: there is a button that will help us to run the vacuum cleaner continuously without having to press anything. Of course, so we will waste some batteries when we are not vacuuming.

Although the grip is pleasant, the arm can end up suffering as a result of the weight and more if we have long accessories placed. Of course, if we are stopping or it is supported, it is not something significant either.

The third and last button on the head located at one end and serves to alternate between the three available suction modes. As the most premium Dyson model, the Roborock H7 has a screen from which to see the estimated autonomy that we have left based on the mode we are using.

It is true that with the support we can leave it stored occupying relatively little space, but if you want to leave it standing without it, it will be quite difficult to do so since the vertical stability is rather scarce.

A cleaning ability to aim for the highest

To carry out this analysis, the Roborock H7 has replaced the Roomba i7 + and my Hoover Ultra Vortex, a robot vacuum cleaner, and a powerful handheld vacuum cleaner respectively. The idea is to evaluate its ergonomics, suction power (evaluating the results visually), and autonomy.

That it is capable of supplying two vacuum cleaners is good news: obviously using a vertical model without cables requires more effort (because they do not pass alone) than robot vacuum cleaners, but the comfort and power of the Roborock H7 allow you to manage in cleaning the home with a single device.

My house is 65-70 square meters and I have a pet, so I vacuum every day. It takes 45 minutes for my robot vacuum cleaner to do maintenance cleaning and it takes me 15 minutes with this vacuum cleaner and I get better at the corners. With the medium power, the extension tube, and the multi-surface brush you can go all over the floor and take a stroke, focusing on the dirtiest areas. The truth is that for floors I have not needed to use the most powerful mode, sucking without problems hair, earth, some grass, crumbs, and little else.

Carpets retain dirt better than floors, so activating the Turbo mode is a good idea … if the vacuum cleaner itself does not do it automatically. And it is that the Roborock H7 consists of a function that recognizes carpets and rugs and goes up to the Turbo in case we are not using the most ambitious power. It is true that it does not take much effort to activate it manually, but that way we forget. Of course, if the carpet is very thin or with a short pile, we may have to do it ourselves. At home, I only have a thick, long-pile rug and it has always been right.

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With rugs the power has been satisfactory and moving around is much more comfortable without cables. Other textiles that I have cleaned have been the mattress and the sofa has been a joy, both in comfort and in results. The fabric of the sofa is velvet type and Lola’s hair sticks there, which is very pleasant. With the small motorized brush and medium power, a single pass was enough to catch them.

So far I have not had problems or power, comfort, or autonomy. When you turn on the vacuum cleaner with the lowest power the screen shows 75 minutes, if we jump to the medium power the estimated duration is 45 minutes and with the maximum power, in theory, it would last slightly more than 10 minutes. Of course, with the most powerful mode, the noise is remarkable.

The litmus test is to vacuum my little Polo: because the cabin is small and a handy vacuum cleaner is appreciated, because it is full of filth and because the upholstery of the vehicles is a magnet for the hair, special mention deserves the trunk lid.

Knowing the challenge, I load the Roborock H7 to the maximum and I take the motorized mini brush, corner and the brush that rubs. As soon as I enter, something is clear to me: to vacuum the hairs from the upholstery, there is no other power other than the maximum , so cleaning is against the clock. The dashboard and doors are cleaned without problems, but the result of the seats is surprising for good. Something worse are the mats and no, I don’t have time to get to the trunk because I run out of battery.

If your car is not very dirty or for superficial cleaning maintenance, this vacuum cleaner is more than enough . Of course, you want to spend time to leave it pristine, then better a sled model or go to specialized cleaning centers with industrial vacuum cleaners. In any case, it does not have cables, it allows you to maneuver calmly even in nooks such as under the pedals and to be able to clean without having a plug nearby.

By the way, in case you run out of battery, its charge is moderately fast: in just under three hours you have it ready to return to action. You can charge it either by placing it on the stand or by plugging the head into the charger.

Lights and shadows in maintenance

The Roborock H7 has a generous half-liter tank that has taken me a long time to fill up to the MAX line. But when the time came, I did not have to worry too much: open the garbage and place the vacuum cleaner head overhead, pull down the tab in front of the trigger and voila, the lower lid of the tank opens and lets the dirt fall.

If you have respiratory and/or allergy problems and want to minimize contact with dirt, this vacuum cleaner has an alternative emptying system with a bag. You just have to place it, use the vacuum cleaner and when it is full and you are going to take it out, it is automatically sealed.

The advantage is clear, but it also has its disadvantages: only two units come and when they are gone you will have to buy more. And in the medium and long term, it is important that there continue to be spare parts. Although at that point you could use it without a bag.

In the manual it is detailed in detail how is the cleaning of filters and parts. However, these are some of the most important and growing tasks:

  • Pull the tab at the bottom of the head to remove the entire reservoir , allowing you to thoroughly clean it with water. The manufacturer recommends performing this task at least once a month
  • You can access the front filter when you have the tank removed and the rear filter from the top . You have to wash them with water and return them to their place when they are dry.
  • We have already seen that attaching and detaching accessories is quick and easy, making cleaning easier. For a good functioning of the vacuum cleaner it is advisable to periodically clean the brushes .

At the bottom of the head, there is another tab that allows the entire tank to be removed for thorough cleaning. Roborock recommends washing the tank at least once a month. With this piece removed we can also separate the filters and wash them with water.

In the design section, we explained that the battery is integrated into the head. Well, it is not easily removable (something that is possible in other models), so when it deteriorates, we will have to resort to technical service for a battery replacement.

Roborock H7, the opinion of Techeens

With the Roborock H7, Xiaomi’s joint venture has wanted to aspire to the top and it shows. On a technical level, its ambitious combination of power and autonomy makes it possible for it not only to come out gracefully but also to deliver on floors, carpets, mattresses and even the car. In this sense, this vacuum cleaner can easily replace the classic sled models.

Power and autonomy are the critical parameters of a cordless vacuum cleaner, but this Roborock H7 goes to detail. The design of some of its most important parts, such as the accessories or the shape of the lace, is quite reminiscent of the model of the reference brand in the sector, Dyson, and its V11. And the truth, inaction has little to envy. The choice of this model from the British firm is not accidental, although both make up a panel that makes it much easier to know how much battery is left. It is still an extra without which it can function perfectly, but it is appreciated.

Another very symptomatic detail of this commitment to not leaving anything to chance is the way it is stored, with magnetic support that is very convenient to use or the possibility of placing bags in the tank so as not to have to be in contact with dust. The only “must” that we have found in the design section is that we can remove the battery ourselves to replace it with another or replace it in the long term.

The Roborock H7 is a high-end cordless upright vacuum cleaner, it is obvious in design, function, and also in price. And it is that with an RRP of 399 euros it cannot be said that it is a cheap model. Of course, the comparison with the Dyson is inevitable: its “counterpart” the Dyson V11 costs 150 euros more. So yes, there are quite a few cheaper models, but if we want great power and autonomy with a premium design, the cost-performance ratio is very attractive.


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