The Roborock S6 Pure is one of Roborock’s most powerful home proposals. A robot vacuum cleaner with a 2,000 Pa suction power, a very high autonomy of up to three hours of cleaning on a single charge, and an intelligent house mapping system to make the journey more efficient. throughout the rooms. It also includes a scrubbing tank with varying water levels, which aims to replace the traditional mop. All of this is controlled by a dedicated app and is compatible with Google Home. The Roborock S6 Pure has a market price of 550 euros. We’ll go over its main features.

Roborock S6 Pure Features

Roborock S6 Pure
Navigation technologyLiDAR mapping of the house
Cleaning modesAutomatic, by zones, by rooms
PowerSilent, Balanced, Turbo, Maximum
Dirt tank460 milliliters
Scrub tank180 milliliters
Drums5,200 milliamps
AutonomyUp to 180 minutes
ConnectivityWiFi, through the Roborock app, compatible with Google Home
Suction power2,000 Pa
SurfacesAll surfaces and carpets
Cleaning areaUp to 300 square meters
NoiseUp to 67 dB
Dimensions353 x 350 x 96.5 millimeters and 3.7 kilograms
Release dateAvailable
Price550 euros
Roborock S6 Pure

Autonomy To Bore

The Roborock S6 Pure is a vacuum cleaner, which can clean up to 300 square meters of a house in one pass. Depending on your mode, this results in a maximum cleaning time of up to three hours. In the quietest mode, the robot can calmer, while the most powerful mode is ideal if a thorough cleaning takes place. By the way, the ability to clean tapestries is one of the great virtues in this saga of robots (which we also call Roborock S6 and Roborock S6 MaxV). When the robot hits one of these surfaces, it automatically detects and increases its power without problems. It is true that it can be rolled with bath taps, but without problems, it passes the teeth in the living room.

The maximum suction power is 2,000 Pa. In the unlikely event that the robot runs out of battery before it completes its task, it is able to return to the charging base and stay long enough to be able to continue with the space it has left to clean.

As for the capacity of its dirt tank, it is 460 milliliters . In principle, it is designed so that we empty it every time we finish cleaning the house, although from experience it can withstand two or three cleanings in case you forget to dust.

Roborock S6 Pure

Smart House Cleaning

The Roborock S6 Pure uses an in-house laser mapping system . Even from the first cleaning, he is able to create a fairly faithful map of the apartment and to carry out efficient movements without repeating the passage through the same corners. Once the map is drawn, we can configure the different rooms through the app and decide if we want it to only clean certain rooms. We also have the option of selecting a certain area on the map with our finger and telling the robot to clean it. Another advantage that is very useful is to mark points in the house that we do not want the robot to pass through, such as delicate furniture.

The application is highly intuitive and enables us to always control the position of the Roborock S6 Pure. Actually, we can clean up from anywhere in the world with just one button if we have a network connection. The connection to both the Google Assistant and Alexa was intended also for Roborock. This allows voice commands to be given, among other options, for the robot to start its usual cleaning program. As expected, another option is to program the robot to carry out its tasks on certain days and times.

Maintenance And Scrubbing System

The ease with which it is maintained is another feature in this robot vacuum cleaner. You have a section from the app itself that shows the status of the different accessories with the times after which a substitute is to be purchased. This also tells you when the elements, like sensors, need to be cleaned to ensure accurate mapping.

Aside from vacuuming, the Roborock S6 Pure can also serve as a substitute for a traditional mop. It has a 180-milliliter scrubbing tank and a mop that hooks to the bottom and must be cleaned after each session. This is one of the main differences between the Roborock S6 and its 140 ml tank. According to the company, we can scrub a surface of up to 150 meters with a single load.

As with vacuuming, we can manage the flow of water that we want to use for each cleaning. Although the robot is able to detect carpets and stop scrubbing, it is recommended that we remove them before each cleaning. To prevent dripping or any possible loss of water from damaging delicate surfaces such as parquet, a plastic base is incorporated that is attached to the charging base and protects the floor.

Roborock S6 Pure

In practice, it is a feature that is an interesting extra to the vacuuming function, but it must be understood that it is designed to moisten the floor and not to replace the mop in case you need more in-depth cleaning.

Price and Opinions

The Roborock S6 Pure is available in stores for 550 euros. There is no doubt that Roborock is slowly but steadily making a name for itself among home equipment companies with proposals such as the S6 Pure. A very complete robot vacuum cleaner with surprising autonomy, to the point where it is difficult for it to run out even in very large houses. And, thanks to smart cleaning, you’ll be able to avoid most obstacles without getting stuck (special mention to its ability to tackle carpets). A safe bet that can become your best cleaning partner this holiday season.


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