If the Roborock S6 MaxV stood out for its potential to recognize common obstacles in the home such as a sock or even dog excrement, the new robot vacuum cleaner from Roborock, the Roborock S7 has as its differential feature a sonic scrubbing system that promises to approach in results to the mop of a lifetime. Here is the Roborock S7 review.

Roborock S7 Specification

DIMENSIONS35.3 x 35 x 9.65 cm
WEIGHT4.7 kilos
SUCTION POWER2,500 pascals
COMPATIBLE WITHAlexa, Siri Shortcuts, and Google Assistant
DRUMS5,200 mAh
AUTONOMYUp to 180 minutes
PRICE549 euros

Design: if something works, don’t touch it

Although Roborock will launch a self-emptying tank plug-in so that it empties only after each cleaning, as with the Roomba i7 + or the Roomba S9 +, this model is very similar to other models in the Xiaomi ecosystem. And this conservative bet on design is not necessarily bad.

It is a robot vacuum cleaner large in diameter and “flat” , which means that it may have difficulties when passing through obstacles but not getting under others such as the sofa or the living room table.

In the upper part it has the laser viewer, three buttons (off / on, return to the station and localized cleaning) and the cover to access the dust container. On the front a kind of bumper to avoid possible damage caused by blows, a locator sensor of the charging station, a wall sensor and an infrared sensor to detect the level of filling of the tank and notify us from the application.

 Roborock S7 review

Upside down there are not many new features either, apart from the fact that in this model the central brush is made of rubber, an improvement that according to the brand increases its durability and traps more dirt. It has an onmindirectional wheel and two wheels in charge of moving it, with the usual plates to rest on the base, the unevenness sensor and a single side brush to attract dirt to the roller.

We started this section talking about the self-emptying complement, which can be purchased separately in the third quarter of 2021. Meanwhile, the base that comes by default is very compact.

Configuration and commissioning

To take advantage of all the options offered by the Roborock S7, an initial configuration is necessary that does not differ from other models of the brand and, in general, from other manufacturers. However, you could also use it as a robot vacuum cleaner without connectivity simply with the three buttons it has. In the quick guide you have the instructions, but here is a summary:

1) Remove all packaging and protectors from the robot and the base and decide which socket to put it in. Remember that you must have half a meter free on each side and at least a meter and a half in front . This is very important to avoid problems at the exit.

2) You have two applications available to handle it. The first is Roborock, which you can download either by searching for it in the App Store or Play Store or by scanning the QR code that appears in the manual. If you have more products from the Mi ecosystem (for example, one of the electric scooters), you can connect it to Xiaomi Mi Home.

3) Create an account. You will need the country you are in, email, telephone and a password. When you have completed it, you will be able to access your account from the app.

4) Open the lid of the robot and check that there is a bright and blinking blue light, it is the signal that the robot is “in listening mode”. What if it isn’t? Press the buttons of the house and the square for 3 seconds at the same time.

5) Accept the application permissions and add the robot by clicking on the “+”. You will see a list of the Roborock catalog models. Choose yours.

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6) We will see a list with the available Wi-Fi ( it is only compatible with the 2.4GHz band ), so we look for ours and enter the password.

7) From “Settings” of the phone we change our home Wi-Fi network to a “roborock-vacuum” call. We return to the application.

8) An animation will appear that will last approximately one minute where we will see the synchronization process. Upon completion (successfully), you will be able to use the Roborock S7 from your mobile.

How is the cleaning

Once ready, we launch the first cleaning mission with the default configuration, that is, normal mode, one pass and without scrubbing. The first thing that surprises me is the speed with which it cleans : this first time it takes about 40 minutes, but from then on it usually takes half an hour. It is one of the fastest robots I have ever tested. And although it is not a speed “competition”, but cleaning, it is appreciated when you are at home that the noise of the robot vacuum cleaner stops as soon as possible.

From the app you can see the path followed to see if, in addition to being fast, it cleans well. There are chiaroscuro here: it is true that the manufacturer’s recommendation is to prepare the area to facilitate the task (for example, raise the dining room chairs on the table), but this robot fits between the legs of the chairs and the dining table and does not put. So although thanks to LiDAR it optimizes the passes, it can be seen visually that dirt remains in some corners and that it leaves parts unclean . It has an easy solution: clear everything before cleaning.

The normal mode is sufficient to remove dust, grit, crumbs and hair, but there are up to four power modes:

  • The silent one is the least powerful but also the one that makes the least noise and consumes the least, approaching 3 hours of use. In my experience it is capable of removing a lot of dirt, but I have noticed crumbs after cleaning.
  • The normal one optimizes suction power and autonomy . It’s the one I’ve used most of the time.
  • The turbo mode is more powerful and noisier than the previous one. I have not used it too much since if I considered that the floor was very dirty or with thick debris, such as grass or earth, I have opted for the maximum mode
  • The most powerful is the maximum mode with which the maximum suction power of 2,500 Pa would be reached. It seems obvious that it is going to be the loudest, and it is, but it is surprising because it is not particularly annoying either. With this mode activated the battery lasts approximately 100 minutes.

Considering that my 65-70 square meter flat cleans in half an hour, this robot vacuum cleaner would be capable of cleaning much larger houses. What happens if you are left half in the middle of a job? That returns to the base, charges and returns when charged to the point where it left off.

The Roborock S7 has a carpet configuration that allows several options:

  • Activate Turbo mode by automatically detecting them. This option only makes sense if we are vacuuming in silent or normal mode.
  • If the carpet is low pile, you can just raise the scrub mode so that it vacuums and scrubs the area and only vacuums the carpet. I have tried to leave this option with my fat carpet, but with the scrub accessory it does not directly raise it, it avoids it.
  • If the carpet is thick, you can also activate the option to avoid it .

If you have multiple rugs, the manufacturer recommends completing an initial vacuum-only session, selecting the elevated mode for short pile and the avoidance mode if it is thick. But it is not very clear how to configure differently for several carpets in the same cleaning mission.

 Roborock S7

The possibility of being able to clean the carpet in a single pass by combining scrubbing and vacuuming in an intelligent way is appreciated. In practice it is a little scary that the carpet is not so thin and there is contact with the scrubbing accessory (for example when it goes up or down), running the risk of getting it wet. So the option of avoiding the carpet when scrubbing seems like the best option.

I only have one carpet and it is thick, so I have tried dry vacuuming and combining vacuuming with scrubbing. In any case,

In the first case, the robot vacuum cleaner has been able to detect it, since as soon as it has climbed (without problems, by the way), it has started to travel it at a slower speed and making more noise: it has gone alone into Turbo mode . In addition, a hatched line appears on the map to indicate your position. In the second we have already seen that it directly avoids it.

The result of vacuuming the carpets is acceptable , since visually it looks cleaner, but if we shake it we see that there is still dirt. In this sense, it can be used for a periodic maintenance review, but not for an in-depth cleaning.

As we anticipated at the beginning of this review, the distinguishing feature of this Roborock S7 is that its scrubbing module integrates “Vibrarise” technology, which promises to vibrate at a frequency of up to 50Hz (3000 times / minute) depending on the brand. The objective? Approaching the result of manual mopping.

You are going to allow me a little state of the art of scrubbing in robot vacuum cleaners. Today the vast majority of robot vacuum cleaners with this function are limited to brushing a mop moistened with more or less water on the floor.

And this is far from manual scrubbing : first because with our hands we can obviously use much more force, insist until those eyes that act as sensors detect that there are no stains, moisten a lot more and of course, use cleaning products beyond the Water

What does the Roborock S7 offer? Scrubbing only with water that can be regulated in intensity and on the road . We will have to fill the tank that is in the back, embed the module and configure the scrubbing from the application. By the way, when the scrub mode is activated the light on the top is blue, if it is only vacuuming it is green.

Scrubbing intensity has to do with the amount of water and also with vibration, classified as:

  • No scrubbing
  • Light scrubbing
  • Moderate scrubbing
  • Intense scrubbing, in this case, if we approach the robot we can clearly hear the vibration.

Regarding the scrubbing route, if we mark standard, then we can vacuum and scrub at the same time. But if we activate the “deep” route, then it follows a narrow zigzag path for more passes and there is hardly any aspiration. In fact, we cannot select power and the manufacturer himself recommends that this program be used after vacuuming, because the truth is that it is quite unpleasant to scrub a dirty floor.

It is time to talk about results. Taking into account the expectations, I have dedicated myself to pouring soda on the kitchen floor and the occasional stain that has fallen as a result of life. And yes, it is capable of removing dry and sticky stains . In this sense, it is advisable to keep the floor moderately clean for day to day.

Of course, it is still not like hand scrubbing. Obviously and because of the type of appliance it is, the mop is still “the tool” to absorb a puddle of water (or other liquid). But there are also other aspects to improve inherent in the robot vacuum cleaner itself or in the scrubbing function:

  • As we have already seen in aspiration, there are always areas that are left untouched.
  • It would be interesting if it had a sensor to detect spots and be able to affect them.
  • Although using cleaning products that produce foam can cause clogging in the dispensing system, it would be appreciated to be able to add some substance to the tank to disinfect the floor with scrubbing.
  • Likewise, the deterioration and humidity of this type of mops are higher than that of mops. Of course, you can remove it from the holder and wash it in the washing machine.

As I explained before, the first time the Roborock S7 cleans an area, it creates a map that it polishes as it repeats the operation. I like being able to see where it passes, because that way we are clear about what cleans and what doesn’t. If your house has several floors, you will also be able to see these different maps as it is a multimap (up to four maps).

One of the great advantages of smart navigation in conjunction with the application is that we can select partial cleaning , for example cleaning the kitchen after dinner or the bathroom after ironing.

This partial cleaning is organized in two ways: choosing a room or marking a square on the map. It may be that in loft-style open spaces marking areas is useful, but in floors like mine the one that I have used the most because it is faster and more useful is selecting rooms .

Of course, although the Roborock S7 estimates which are the different rooms that make up your house and marks them with different colors, in practice, they do not usually correspond and it will be necessary to edit the map in the app to combine or separate spaces. This process, especially that of separating spaces, gives quite a few glitches in the app and is not the most intuitive thing in the world.

The same old app, for the good and the bad

The Roborock are robot vacuum cleaners that stand out for their completeness. And more features also means a more complete application , which can present a challenge if we do not want to complicate ourselves.

The interface is identical to that of other models of the brand, for the good and the bad. The colors make it easy to understand with the naked eye and it works smoothly, but the appearance is somewhat loaded and sometimes the messages do not fit in their entirety on the screen.

On the main screen we will see the house map with the data of our last cleaning (area and time required) and the battery level. But the most important thing is that we can configure the area to be cleaned, passes, power, if we want scrubbing or not , among others.

Other interesting functions of the application are:

  • Viewing and editing maps
  • Cleaning schedule
  • Establish cleaning sequences and restricted access areas
  • Regulate the suction power
  • Regulate scrub intensity
  • Activate the carpet options .
  • Change the volume and language of the robot (by default female and in English).
  • View cleaning history
  • View the deterioration of the filter, side and main brush and sensors for maintenance
  • Set up voice control for use with assistants


 Roborock S7

The maintenance of the Roborock S7 is very simple . The tasks that we will perform most frequently are emptying the tank, washing the mop for scrubbing and cleaning the rollers.

To clean the roller, we will simply turn the vacuum cleaner over and press on the two pins to release the cover and extract it.

Removing the mop is as simple as pulling the tabs to release the scrubbing attachment and pulling to release the velcro system that attaches it. From there, to the washing machine.

In the case of the dust bin, the app will notify us when it is full. However, we can lift the lid and remove it by hand. It has a system of tabs to open the lid and another tab to release the filter, which we can wash with water . Allow to air dry at least 24 hours before replacing.

 Roborock S7

All the information regarding your care is available either in the manual or the application itself (where the manual is also), so that it is always at hand.

If we want to know when to replace or clean the parts, just go to Maintenance, where we find an estimate of their deterioration. The manual also specifies how and when to clean and remove parts such as the main and side brush, the water and dust tank, the filter, the cloth and the wheels:

Main brush12 weeks6 – 12 months
Side brushMonthly36 months
FilterEvery 2 weeks. It is washable.6 – 12 months
Mop clothAfter every use36 months
Vacuum and base charging contactsMonthly
Cliff and Carpet SensorsMonthly
Omnidirectional wheelWhen necessary

Roborock S7 Price

The Roborock s7 will be available on different stores with different price, it varies, the cleaner will go for 549 euros on amazon.


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