On PC there are many survival games that you can enjoy! In this article, we have compiled what we consider the 33 best of the genre. You’ll see an assortment of well-varied titles, from the zombie apocalypse to lethal shipwrecks to dinosaurs and space odysseys. Survival has many different faces, so you are sure to find your next game to play!

Ark: Survival Evolved

Ark: Survival Evolved is not the most refined game of the genre, but it is one of the most entertaining and popular in recent years. It has many features that enrich the survival experience, all set on a dangerous island that is full of dinosaurs. And you know what? You can tame and ride them!

To stay alive it is vital to have food and water, nourish yourself from time to time, adapt to changes in temperature. Even if you disconnect, your character is still in the world, so it is important to build structures and houses in order to be safe. You can farm and form tribes with other players, something more than recommended because it is a game that does not forgive any mistakes. Become allies!

Don’t Starve and Don’t Starve Together

Survival Games

The mission is simple: don’t starve. Of course, there are too many dangers in Don’t Starve! This game never takes you by the hand, but instead places you in a randomly generated world and challenges you to overcome all mishaps. How? Well, looking for resources, making bonfires, exploring remote places and hunting animals.

Don’t Starve is a difficult and daunting game, with sublime artistry that sets the scene perfectly. If you don’t like the idea of ​​surviving a cruel world alone, Don’t Starve Together lets you team up with others and work together to find or create new havens. Always be alert!


In Rust you start from the lowest and most humble, totally naked, obtaining stones and wood until you can make fire and a few weapons. Fighters and get some clothes. Explore and you find another player friendly. You barely survive. And before you know it, you will have been able to create a fortified village, forge alliances and become the strongest survivor.

That’s Rust! It is massively multiplayer, so you are always on the lookout for human dangers, in case the wild animals were little. It has good tool crafting, focusing on construction. If you spend enough time, you will see that it is common to form groups and bases of players. It is up to you to choose cooperation or absolute dominance.


Valheim is the big surprise of 2021, and it’s no surprise that it has become so popular. It has everything to make it a successful survival game: an interesting randomly generated Nordic world, excellent crafting system, good battles with built-in final bosses, and support for cooperative play.

We embody a character who must bring order to Valheim. To do this, we need to defeat Odin’s rivals, but the path is not so easy! You have to take care of the character, survive in hostile environments and learn to create or build all kinds of items and buildings. Rafts and ships are elemental in a world where exploring never gets boring. We recommend playing Valheim with friends!

Subnautica and Subnautica: Below Zero

The first thing we will say about Subnautica is that it is a cute game … but it is a deadly beauty. We immerse ourselves (pun intended) in an alien underwater world teeming with life, and the task is to explore the depths. The fauna is more lethal than it seems at first glance, so we must give everything to survive.

You need to create shelters as you go and, for this, you need to look for resources and materials in any corner. You can also build water vehicles, vital for getting into unknown places or full of hungry sea creatures. Subnautica is a game that knows how to enter through the eyes and keep you in constant tension.

The Forest

In The Forest you play a survivor of a plane crash, who has the misfortune to end up in a wooded area full of mutant cannibals. As the days and nights go by, the game makes you feel like someone is always on the lookout, ready to attack you as soon as you let your guard down. Sooner or later, it’s your turn to either run or face enemies!

The Forest places a lot of emphasis on creating weaponry, building camps, and building bonfires to fight for your life at all times. The presence of cannibals is a danger that is felt by the minute, but don’t let that stop you from exploring! In fact, being an observer and finding new sites will serve not only to find more shelters, but also to find clues about the history of the island.


Minecraft is very nice, that’s true, but that doesn’t mean it never puts us in trouble! The game gives us an incredible experience in the creation and crafting of items. And, after all, all this helps what Minecraft invites us to do: survive. When you least expect it, your home can end up invaded by creatures of all kinds. And the night is not safe!

There are numerous types of enemies, and it is beneficial to be familiar with their characteristics and behaviors. In addition, much of the game’s emphasis is placed on exploration. If you want your journey through the caves to be a success, you must be well prepared, with a plethora of resources at your disposal. Otherwise, you will have a very bad time!

This War of Mine

This War of Mine puts us in the difficult task of managing a group of civilians in an environment affected by war. Resources are scarce, so every decision, move, and resource created can be a matter of life and death. Characters need food, shelter, and medicine, and this requires careful exploration.

Snipers patrol the streets during the day and civilians won’t always exactly be your friends. Knowing when to interact with other Survivors, especially to trade and craft items, is a vital part of the This War of Mine approach. Rest assured that several things will go wrong, as war is tough.


You wake up on a raft, in the middle of a vast ocean, thirsty and hungry. Right from the start, the premise of Raft grabs the attention of anyone who likes the survival genre. It may not sound hopeful, but it’s all about exploring and getting a little bit of luck. You also have to be careful because, as you see in the image, you will not be the only one who is hungry!

Playing Raft in co-op is recommended, as it is a lot of fun to find resources together and make modifications to the raft. That’s another aspect of the game that you really like: not only do you worry about finding food and drinking water, but your raft can be turned into a gigantic ship! Everything is a matter of imagination, perseverance and survival instinct.


Survival Games

RimWorld is a difficult game to explain in a few words, due to all the options and possibilities it encompasses. You will be in charge of colonizing a new planet with a group of non-expert colonists. It’s a totally new environment for them, so you have to help them get food, build, explore, and survive countless dangers.

A great virtue of the game is the presence of a Narrator AI that, depending on the one chosen, will generate a series of situations or others. It is possible that you spend a few hours suffering without stopping or that you can relax with peace of mind. There are diverse creatures and factions that can be your salvation or doom. If all goes well, you can even start families! Anyway, the game offers much more than this, but it is better that you see it for yourself.


Terraria is known as the Minecraft of the 2D, and for good reason! With randomly generated worlds, exploration is essential in this video game. If you want to be a successful explorer and a survivor ready to face all dangers, item crafting is your main tool!

In Terraria you will meet numerous characters that will help you on your journey. Building safe houses and rooms is vital to inviting these characters to your small town. All help is necessary, as the evil creatures of Terraria are not easy to defeat. If you are looking for a survival game with numerous final bosses, Terraria is for you!

The Long Dark

The Long Dark is a game where cold and scarcity are the singing voice. You must overcome the dangers of winter in Canada, in vast territories where you will feel very alone. Some animals like the wolves or the bear in the picture will keep you company, but sooner or later they will try to eat you. You must search for food, weapons and shelter before you freeze!

One of the best aspects of The Long Dark is that it includes both Survivor and Story modes. The first works as a free game, in which you simply dedicate yourself to exploring and surviving in all possible ways. In this case, death is permanent! The second mode tells you a story and gives you certain obstacles to overcome, which gives it a fresh touch. Unfortunately, the story is still not complete!

Green hell

Survival Games

Green Hell is an awesome survival game that leaves you stranded in the Amazon rainforest. Just like that, totally alone! Tropical conditions imply high humidity and the existence of fauna as rich as it is terrifying at times. Apart from managing to create fire, take refuge in caves, and create traps, in Green Hell you will have to consider something else…

Your psychological state. You read that right! In Green Hell you can lose your sanity, and it is normal. Not only will you risk dying of hunger or thirst, but you will have to treat your injuries and illnesses on various occasions. For this, the kit includes a body inspection system, which is useful. Green Hell also has a cooperative mode, perfect if you prefer to have a little company in these harsh conditions.

Oxygen Not Included

In Oxygen Not Included you are also in command of a colony, but this time it lives inside an asteroid. As you can imagine, in such an environment there is not much oxygen, so don’t waste that resource! But it is that the survival aspect goes much further; it is necessary to manage food, water, electricity and gases.

Then making a full foundation is not enough. The inhabitants need to relax and live in decent conditions. Otherwise, many mishaps will happen and we are not exaggerating when we tell you that you will be overwhelmed. Several times. But it’s part of the fun of Oxygen Not Included! There are many details to take into account, but you learn game after game and it becomes a very rewarding experience.


Grounded is a survival game that presents an interesting proposition. We handle young people who have become tiny beings. Even an ant is bigger! The world of Grounded reacts to your actions, so you must survive intelligently and adapt at all times.

The game encourages you to take resources while searching or building your shelter. From time to time, you will need to fight animals that are now intimidating because of their size. Fortunately, you can make tools and weapons to face all of Grounded’s threats. Finally, this game allows online cooperation, and it is very much enjoyed that way!

Dying Light

Maybe Dying Light doesn’t quite fit the genre’s standards, but it’s a more than excellent game! This title tests your skills over and over again in a world infested with zombies worthy of your worst nightmares. The parkour is one of the main elements of the game, it is vital to move fast on the stages. You can fight, of course, but many times you will have to flee!

The game is guided by a main story, so the rhythm goes up and down at times. However, when going outside and exploring, you must use all the weapons and objects at your fingertips to avoid being fed to the infected.

7 Days to Die

And more undead! 7 Days to Die is one of the most complete games that you will find for the survival genre, although, much to its regret, it is very demanding in requirements. A vast scenario unfolds before you to explore and survive over 50 different types of zombie. It has one of the most powerful creation systems, so you will not lack the means to get out alive.

There is an immense variety when it comes to creating items and constructing buildings. So much so that there are hundreds of variations of recipes and types of blocks or bricks. To this are added the RPG elements, since you can get skills and upload attributes, and a gameplay similar to a shooter . As you can see, 7 Days to Die is a great mix of genres with survival as the foundation!

NEO Scavenger

Don’t be scared by its visual section! NEO Scavenger is a good survival game in its own right. Beneath the simplicity of its graphics hides a title rich in options and features that has nothing to envy to other games. In fact, it is one of the most difficult games in the genre.

NEO Scavenger is developed in turns and each step must be carefully measured. You can not stop looking at the state of your character, because any injury, illness or neglected thirst can play tricks on you. You will spend a lot of time exploring and looting for resources. You can hunt and fight, of course, but you will see that sometimes it is better to run or hide. A very complete game!


Although Frostpunk is a game that leans much more to the city-building genre, it is a pure survival challenge. The freezing cold threatens to wash away what remains of humanity, and you must stop it! To do this, you must take advantage of steam technology, bring warmth to your people and make sure they stay happy, hoping for a better future.

Resources are scarce, so it is essential to go out and find them. The problem? Sending expeditions can be a bad decision, since it all depends on how and when. Governing the last bastion of humanity is a tough task and there will be few times that people will even come out to protest. Will you show a strong hand or a compassionate heart? It’s up to you!


Survival Games

Astroneer is an extremely interesting game in which you explore seven planets from a distant solar system. It grants you the ability to modify the terrain as you wish and explore both the entire surface and the underground world. It is important to collect resources in order to create vehicles, new bases and populate the planets. And when you are ready, it will be time to discover the mysteries of the solar system!

In this title you can also play cooperatively, being able to enter and exit the games at any time. There is much to unearth and decipher on each planet to see if life can really be made there. Any help is welcome!


Barotrauma is an endless survival game that is very entertaining when played in company. The reason is simple: your teammates can be your best allies, or your worst enemies!

Each game provides you with a different scenario inside a submarine, with varied missions to complete. The dangers are various: fearsome monsters that will have no mercy on you, errors in the submarine, lack of resources… You will have to use your ingenuity to be victorious, craft the appropriate items and always watch your back. Remember: even your best friend can betray you in Barotrauma.

Project Zomboid

Death is inevitable in Project Zomboid, so the question is not if you will die, but how long you will survive. In this survival game, light, visibility and sound are important aspects to avoid being eaten by zombies. But you not only have to stay alive in a world infested with zombies, you also have to take care of yourself!

You must learn to cook, farm, and even do carpentry, as well as deal with issues such as depression, illness, and lack of light. Project Zomboid does not forgive lost time; It is vital not to stop moving and working on your survival. When the zombies start to get really close, it will be time to craft weapons and set up barricades!

Conan exiles

If Conan himself saved your life from certain death, how would you return the favor? In Conan Exiles we strive to regain glory to our clan by reconquering territories. To do this, we must explore a world where cold or heat can be as deadly as enemies and ruthless monsters. That means building and preparing well for every fight!

Conan Exiles can be a simple game of survival and exploration, as there are many ruins with secrets to discover. But it goes beyond surviving a hostile world, as it takes us to clan battles, sieges, city building and defense from monster attacks. Conan Exiles is a pretty round experience that will definitely hook you, especially if you are a fan of the Conan universe!


Free game! Download Unturned here.

Another game with zombies as the main enemy, and for free! And you will play one of the few (or many if you play online) who are still among the living. Aside from avoiding or eliminating infected, Unturned takes you through numerous zones full of means of survival. Hunting, fishing and finding fruit is an important part of the game, but there is much more.

In Unturned you’ll find characters to talk to and with whom to better understand the game’s story. If you play multiplayer, you can team up with other players and build your own strengths. Not all people are going to be friendly, so conflicts are the order of the day. Your decision will be this: will you face other players to loot their resources or will you cooperate with them to survive the zombie apocalypse?


Darkwood is a unique game that knows how to immerse us with a well-accomplished setting and characters as interesting as they are disturbing. We see the action from above and the game unfolds in two well-defined rhythms: exploration during the day and survival at night. In other words, you must first obtain everything you need to survive the coming of darkness.

There is no guide in the game, so you go at your own pace and wherever you want. How you resolve each situation and the decisions you make will affect the characters and the world of Darkwood. When danger approaches, you must manage to build barricades and traps, in addition to using the weapons of all life. And if you need extra help, mutated fauna and flora can give you extra benefits!


Survival Games For PC

The time has come to save the universe! Or to colonize new planets. Or to become the biggest landowner. From being the ultimate creature hunter or the greatest collector of ancient secrets. As you may have guessed, there are many ways to play Starbound, and all of them are correct!

In this game there is a lot to do and endless stories to write. You will be able to create a multitude of objects that will serve you for many purposes, such as new equipment, powerful weapons and even furniture, among others. And you will have your own spaceship with which to explore to the ends of the universe! Of course, if you want the game to have its survival component, be sure to play in Survival mode.


DayZ was a fairly popular game for a long time and well known from the survival genre. The games are always online, so not only will you be surviving in Chernarus, the scene of the game. You are one of the immune to the virus that aggressively infected millions of people, but that doesn’t give you a pass to easy survival!

You, together or against other players, will have to find a way to survive in Chernarus. DayZ includes a system of injuries and diseases (some are contagious!) That enrich the gameplay, in addition to having a dynamic weather. Unfortunately, the quality of the game has declined a bit due to lower maintenance and the presence of hackers.


SCUM is a tremendously curious game because it has a complex simulation and character management system. This allows you to change details such as inertia of movement, dexterity, metabolism, medical knowledge, and numerous other aspects. For this reason, SCUM is a survival that is worth it, but that perhaps places too much emphasis on modifying your character.

Even so, there is no shortage of challenges! SCUM puts us in a gigantic and detailed mapping that breaks the repeatability of the game. Playing with other people is highly recommended, as a good part of the fun of the game is showing that your character is the ultimate survivor. Better still if you have friends to hang out with and loot areas like a good bunch of brothers.

How to Survive 1 and 2

Survival Games For PC

With a name like that, it is understood to be a survival game! We embody one of the three characters in the game, each with different abilities and characteristics. The game has role-playing and action overtones, placing you in a world where hope no longer has a place. One has to be sharp both during the day and at night to have food, fire and weapons.

Careful! In How to Survive it can be easy to stop noticing your character’s hunger, thirst, or fatigue, especially when zombies keep coming. Taking care of yourself is as important as getting rid of zombies, and there is a time for everything. You may fail the first few times but soon you learn and, who knows, you still cheer up with the Ironman mode!

State of Decay 2

State of Decay 2 is an open world game where we work on survival against the threat of zombies. In this case, each game is different from the others, as the challenges to overcome and the survivors that make up our community are different. The looting of resources is not lacking, the main element of survival in this game.

You can have a great time playing solo, but it is more rewarding in co-op or multiplayer. In the first case, for example, you and your friends can help each other to improve the chances of survival in the communities. From time to time you will receive rewards, so there will be no lack of incentives!


What does an RPG do on this list? Well, the truth is that Outward is a role-playing game that integrates numerous survival elements. The game develops as you would imagine with an RPG, with the difference that you must take care of the state of the character. For example, illness is a vital issue at Outward, and if you’re not careful about infections, you’re going to have a really hard time!

On each trip, you must adopt a routine of eating and resting, as well as finding good shelter so as not to be at the mercy of the wild world. You will learn more spells and get better equipment as you progress, but the biological needs will always be there. Hero stories are more than epic moments, and that Outward shows that pretty well!

Stranded Deep

Stranded Deep lets you experience your own version of the Lost series. After a plane crash, you get lost in the Pacific Ocean and it will only be you and nature. You must learn new skills, hunt, build shelters and meet your needs. And if you’re looking to face the biggest challenge in the game, Stranded Deep challenges you to hunt down one of the “bosses.” Trust us, it is not an easy task!

This survival game was one of those that gained quite a lot of popularity throughout its first months. Unfortunately, nowadays the game has become easier, so the survival aspect is now less important. Even so, it is still a totally enjoyable game.


Survival Games For PC

Miasmata is another game of the genre that provides a different nuance to what we usually find in the genre. Instead of focusing on combat, he focuses a lot more on exploration and stealth. You will play a scientist who must discover what happened to his companions on a mysterious and remote island.

In Miasmata you will have to work hard to survive and unravel the mysteries of the native tribe. There are dozens of ruins, abandoned villages and places of interest, and at each site you will find clues about what happened. In short, it is an adventure and investigation game that adds elements of survival to the gameplay. Perfect for those looking for something different!


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