Here is our selection of what we consider to be the top applications for listening to radio. This can listened to via the internet on your iOS device (iPhone or iPad). This is considered our top applications because it’s not just television in life.

If television still has an important place in the daily life of many people, its future, facing the Internet and online video services, is not the brightest. On the other hand, another, more discreet media remains associated with everyday life for some. It is indeed radio that we are talking about.

Multi-station apps, generalist radios from around the world, information radios, music radios, for young and old or even ultra-cool web radios, there is something for everyone. In short, here are the top radio apps for iPhone and iPad. Note that most of these apps are free. When an app is paid, its price is specified.

The best apps to listen to all radio stations

Audials Radio

A free application with a clean and modern design which offers the choice and the listening of very many world stations. It allows you to find your favorite stations thanks to the search or to the section of stations by country.


It’s probably one of the simplest, but it’s also not the most complete. Radium offers basic features that will suffice for those who do not want to be confused by too many buttons and functions, in addition to a sober design that works perfectly with iOS and evolves with the styles of stations listened to.

In other words, Radium gets to the point. If the application offers to discover the web radios classified by musical style, it also gives access to the major stationed and world stations. Once the favorite station has been found, a simple click will switch it to favorites so that you no longer miss your favorite shows.


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