Imagine, there you are, quietly playing The Witcher III, and bam, your character slips on a pebble and dies. That would be realistic, but incredibly frustrating, wouldn’t it? Well, that’s what we’re going to talk about in this article. We’re going to show you five game mechanics that we absolutely never want to see in a game again, except with concrete justification.

Warning: This article was written with a great deal of bad faith. We loved each of the games in this article.

1. Deadly Falls

Six Worst Video Game Mechanics

Platform games have a special connection with gravity. This is never the same in video games . If in the Witcher IIIRed Dead Redemption and other worlds open “realistic” die falling you 2 meters in the Assassin’s Creedyou can survive a fall of 500 meters if you fall into a haystack or making a roll. Some licenses, like the Borderlands, simply decided to remove the fall damage, realizing that it was anti-fun for everyone. OUT!

2. Escort Missions

Another cliché of adventure games. Machin is injured and has to go from point A to point B but as he is injured he is leeeeent. So you have to alternate between the blah blah phase where he tells his life story, the protection phase where he hides behind a wall, and the phase where he advances at his speed. Meanwhile? You try by all means to push him behind his back so that he goes faster. An element of Gameplay that is meant to emphasize character relationships but only detracts from the pace of a game when it’s not done perfectly. This is the case in a Last of Us (the game is generally an escort quest on a leg), and recently in theRead Dead Redemption 2 and Assassin’s Creed, since escorts can be made via cutscenes. And I’m not even talking about the cases where the NPC can be killed. Isn’t that Resident Evil 4?

3. Ultra-Realism

Six Worst Video Game Mechanics

We are touching a sensitive point and certainly many will not agree. Wanting to make up reality at all costs is not (always) fun. Spending a minute opening a cabinet, taking what’s inside, closing the cabinet is not a necessary part of the gameplay of a title. Especially when the world is teeming with hundreds of thousands of pieces of furniture. Knowing that the testicles of horses retract when it is cold, that was not necessary, my dear Red Dead Redemption II . Especially since next, the hunting mechanism is almost archaic. There are systematically three clues, and the animal appears . There was worse in Shenmue 2 , where the character literally had to undergo a two hour hike . Two real hours. And I’m not even telling you about the stacks in Alan Wake or the hangover in Kingdom Come: Deliverance, or even weight and inventory management.

4. Ice Levels

Six Worst Video Game Mechanics

Anyone who’s ever played a platform game or an RPG knows what I’m talking about. There are always levels going on in the ice and they are almost always horrible . Suddenly it’s a labyrinth where you can only move in a straight line, suddenly it’s the ground which is too slippery and which makes you skate to infinity, suddenly it’s the excuse “in the snow, it’s cold, you have to take hot drinks or heavy coats to survive”, which limits your exploration time. A lot of Crash Bandicoot players will be willing to pay dearly to see these kinds of levels disappear.

5. Fake Cutscenes

Another sensitive subject here, if you want to make a film, then make a film . What I vulgarly call here false kinematics are phases of QTE and phases of reduced actions. Pressing a button at the right time or just tilting the cursor to the right place is not interesting gameplay. Granted, it’s used a lot with good reason in Uncharted so that the player can enjoy the action, but personally I just feel like the game is saying to you ” let me play it for you “. This may also apply in some narrative games, such as Heavy Rain. It completely ruins the immersion in one of the most emotionally powerful moments in the game.

6. Ultra Instinct

It has become extremely fashionable lately, so much so that when it disappears, the player is lost . What is called ultra instinct here is what acts as the sixth sense, eagle vision, spider-sense, sense of the witcher, sense of Batman, Lara Croft, Assassin etc. Press a button, the game goes black and white and the important elements glow. In The Witcher 3 , tracking an animal’s scent like this has never been easier . On the Gameplay side, it’s exactly the same as pointing the location of the object on your map and saying “go look”.

And you? What are the mechanics of the video game and the gameplay elements that make you see red? Feel free to tell us in the comments, if there are enough answers, maybe we can consider a second episode with those.