What are the best filters for TikTok, how to download them and most importantly: how to use them? So many questions that new users of the app are asking, and here are the answers!

It’s been a while since TikTok is a behemoth of the mobile, surpassing even the largest installed applications like Instagram (if only for a time). From now on, Tik-Tok has managed to take its place and convince more and more of the last recalcitrant.

If you are just curious, this guide is not for you since watching TikTok videos is at the heart of the experience. But for those budding users who want to start filming their adventures and want to apply filters, here is a guide to these so-called TikTok filters!

Tiktok: how to download a filter on tiktok?

Whether they add wacky and quirky effects or are just small improvements and fixes for colours and flaws, the use of filters is a must on Tiktok. Ideal for shooting a short video without too many flaws, you still need to know where and how to find them!

To download a TikTok filter that is not in the pre-installed list with the application:

  • Download a third-party video editing app
  • A selection: Beecut – Magisto – Videoshop – Vivavideo – Videoshow
  • On these, the assembly tool will be much more complete than this tiktok offers
  • Create your video on one of these platforms
  • All you have to do is import the created video directly into tiktok!
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As you can see, the selection of filters already on TikTok is, unfortunately, the only one available. However, many users no longer hesitate to go through another application to stand out… and that often makes the difference.

Tiktok 2021: photo, video, sepia, polaroid effects filters…

If you are interested in one of the TikTok filters without having to go through one of the applications external to the social network, their use is simple:

To use a video filter on the Tiktok app:

  • Go to the creation menu, by tapping on the ” + ” at the bottom, or by tapping on “profile” via the icon at the bottom right
  • page then ” Create “.
  • Choose your video settings (duration, selfie or main camera, etc.)
  • In the options bar on the right is now the filters menu .
  • Go in there and you will have a wide selection of tiktok filters to create all the videos and effects possible.


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