Is admission  into your desired institution proving difficult?, Do you desire to further your education overseas?, are you financially incapable  of sponsoring your education?, why not apply for an international university scholarship?

The country’s economy is a quite difficult to cope due to the ever changing harsh policies and insecurity

similarly, the inflation of prices of goods and services already made studying both locally and abroad an impossibility but worry no more.

I have made a ranking of the top 5 International scholarships for students who want to but are not capable enough to support themselves in their academics.

This opportunity is not only opened to them but also to all who aim to attain greater heights Internationally.

The Top 5 international scholarships

Firstly, by no means is this ranking regarded as officially recognized but are rather based on my individual viewpoint  of each scholarship value.

Ranking from the least to the top, they are ranked as follow ;


First on the list is the university of Glosgow Angela Adam scholarship. As the name of the scholarship implies, it is spearheaded by Angela Adams foundation.

The University of Glasgow is one of the most recognised world top 100 university with one of the widest range of courses in the UK.

Furthermore, the University is an international community which accommodates over 20,000 students  and are actively encouraged to spend study time abroad.

Scholarship value

The scholarship values include ;

  • a grant of £5000 in value
  • a premium opportunity to study abroad
  • You get to expand your scope of influence
  •  A given opportunity to experience other culture

Application Deadline for this international scholarship ;

The deadline for applying for this scholarship is on the 23rd of March 2022.

In conclusion, to get an in-depth view and information on how to apply for this international scholarship, click the link below click here


This scholarship sounds prestigious but is mainly for those who aspires to go into law.

The University of Law in conjunction with International  Scholarships and Bursaries
Will offer fee waving scholarships to all non-UK and non-European students as long as the meet the set criteria.

These scholarship is merit-based and is designed to support international students that have strong academic achievement.

scholarship value

Your course which you are studying determine your scholarship value. In summary, the amount awarded to you is in relation to your course of study.

In conclusion, to get more information on how to apply and the eligibility for this scholarship, click here


Unicaf is a global delivery partner of the University of East London, UK. They are responsible for the recruitment, admission, enrolment and support of online learners to University awards approved for distance online delivery.

Consequently, On successful completion of these courses, graduates will receive a University of East London award.

The university of east London in conjunction with UNICAF offers International scholarships to all eligible candidates who have met up the criteriaI academic excellence  in their academics.

Furthermore, Unicaf prepare you for the brilliant future you dream of, and with generous scholarships that will allow you to earn your degree at a fraction of the original cost.

Scholarship value

Unicaf scholarship programme is certainly worth about $100 million, this enable thousands of qualified students to study for internationally recognised degrees at a fraction of the cost and positively transform their lives.

For further information and enquires please visit


Oxford University is United Kingdom’s most distinguished institution. They offer a wonderful and unique university experience to students from all over the world.

The institution is currently the first choice of most international students. Every year, thousands of students go there to experience the quality education that the university has to offer.

Oxford colleges offer Reach Oxford Scholarships to students are not privileged to have access to education and cannot apply for a degree in their own countries.

Scholarship value

Reach oxford scholarship covers the Tuition and college fees. similarly, a grant for living expenses and one return air fare per year too.

Consequently ,The scholarship duration is 3 or 4 years depending on course length.

For more clarification on this scholarship, click here

1. University of Cambridge Gates scholarship

The Gates Cambridge Scholarships is prestigious scholarships granted to international students around world.

The University of Cambridge  was founded in 1209. it is one of the world’s oldest universities and leading academic centres, and a self-governed community of scholars

Furthermore, this scholarship award pave way for outstanding students from different countries outside the UK to pursue a full-time postgraduate degree in any subject available at the University of Cambridge.

Scholarship value

The university Scholarship cover the full cost of studying at Cambridge including tuition fees, maintenance allowance, travel costs, visa and all other expenses.

They also provides additional, discretionary funding such as academic development funding, family allowance, fieldwork and expenses of the same value

For eligibility, deadline and how to apply, visit or the official website at

In conclusion, I have made this ranking base on the values and efficiency of each scholarship.

you can do well to enroll for one or more among these awards. Your dream might just be outside waiting for you to come grab it in the moment.

By Mbah Chinedu

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