WhatsApp is the most widely used instant messaging application in the world. The new forms of communication have made the app one of the public’s favorites; however, it has also created “conflicts” and exposed much of the user’s privacy.

One of the recurring “problems” is caused by “read receipts”. How many times have you not been upset because someone left you “on sight” thanks to the fact that the two blue doves gave them away? For this reason, many choose to disable read receipts.

Despite the above, there is a way to know if your message was read without these two famous blue popcorn. Below we explain.

How to know if they read my messages on WhatsApp: step by step

The easiest way to identify if your message has been read is through the two blue check marks; however, there are contacts who prefer to hide the “read receipts”, therefore your message will appear with two gray check marks even if it has been read.

Of course, we must mention that “read receipts” cannot be hidden in messages within a group.

If you want to know, yes or yes, if your message was read by contact, all you have to do is create a group with him. This way, WHENEVER he reads your messages, they will appear with the two blue checkmarks.

  1. Open WhatsApp and go to the “Chats” section
  2. Click on the green circle that appears in the lower right corner
  3. At the top select the option “New group”
  4. Add the desired contact to the “New group”
  5. Select a “Subject” for the new group and click on the green tick in the lower right corner
  6. Clever! From now on you will be able to know if she read your messages

What does popcorn mean on WhatsApp?

There are different types of popcorn on WhatsApp, here we explain what they mean:

  • A gray check mark: Your message has been sent successfully, but it has not yet reached your contact.
  • Two gray checkmarks: Your message has reached your contact; If the recipient has the “read receipts” option disabled, your message will remain as two gray check marks even though it has already been read.
  • Two blue checkmarks: Your message has been read by the recipient.

By Chinedu Mbah

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