The Vuzix Blade Smart Glasses is a pair of AR glasses made by Vuzix, a manufacturer from the US. Vuzix’s Blade AR Smart Glasses are suitable for professionals as well as consumers.

The Blade’s lenses provide standard UV protection, and users can customize them with prescription inserts. Furthermore, multiple colours are also available for user customization.

These augmented reality smart glasses have a built-in Android OS. However, these Alexa-enabled AR glasses can also connect to users’ devices via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

In addition, these wearable AR smart glasses feature rechargeable batteries, a noise-canceling microphone, and versatile eyeglass options. Therefore the AR smart glasses have a range of features available.

Getting started

The Vuzix Blades have a good grip. Despite the various features they have, they are still easy to use. Thanks to its touchpad placed on the right side, notifications can be scrolled, and you can also take pictures quietly. These glasses are not bulky to wear because they were even made to receive corrective lenses for a design thin enough for a weight of 85 grams.

Two features for people with disabilities

The designers of the Vuzix Blade also made sure to adapt it to all types of users. On the one hand, they gave it a voice command. It is ideal for people with reduced mobility. On the other hand, a subtitling function is also integrated to prevent the hearing-impaired from using it.

The few hiccups

Despite its performance, the Vuzix Blade does not yet have perfect synchronization with the smartphone. It remains a smartphone accessory also because its use depends on the phone to which it is connected. The use of the touchpad on the right side can also quickly tire the user because this gesture is irritating by dint of repetition.

Blade AR glasses main features

  • Haptic feedback: provides vibration alerts to users when they receive notifications, for example.
  • Touchpad and head motion trackers: these features offer users more intuitive control.
  • Built-in noise- cancelling microphone: enables users to activate voice control.
  • 8 MP HD camera: allows users to take pictures or to capture 1080p videos.
  • Micro SD storage: a Micro SD card slot enables users to access more storage.

Vuzix Blade price

The Vuzix Blade Smart Glasses are available for the manufacturer’s price of $999.99 (developer kit).