During the I / O 2021 conference, Google announced the largest update ever created for Wear OS, and that the operating system for watches was urgently needed for years, and that thanks to its important new features it will receive a significant boost.

The next version of Wear OS will focus on three areas: building a unified platform with Samsung, delivering a new user experience, and offering updates to your favorite Google apps.

A new unified platform

wear OS

Google and Samsung are collaborating again, this time to create a unified platform that will bring the best of Tizen to Wear OS. That means the next Samsung Galaxy watches will carry Wear OS.

Both companies have worked together to improve the performance of Wear OS, making applications and animations now go 30% faster with the new processors for wearables.

They have also managed to improve battery life. To do this, they have optimized the lower layers of the operating system using low-power hardware cores. The optimizations will allow the new watches to measure heart rate continuously throughout the day, track sleep through the night, and still have a battery for the next day.

Google and Samsung confirm that all these news will reach all Wear OS watch manufacturers and application developers, who now will not have to create applications for two operating systems. With Tizen off the map, Wear OS aims to lead sales of smartwatches and sports watches.

This is the new Wear OS experience

In addition to being much faster now, Wear OS improves your navigation thanks to its new gestures. Now, for example, you can change the application or access the most important functions by touching the buttons on the clock,

Wear OS will also be more customizable thanks to third-party developers being able to create their own ‘Tiles’ or cards to add more shortcuts to the home screen. Apps like Calm, Sleep Cycle, and Flo are already developing their own cards.

More Google apps on Wear OS

Wear OS

Google is going to put the batteries and improve all its applications for Wear OS, in addition to adding some that are missing such as YouTube Music. It also announces that Fitbit health services will also be coming to Wear OS.

More and better applications

wear os by google

Finally, Google reports that it is providing its developer community with new tools so that more and better applications reach the watches. In addition to the Tiles API, Samsung has created a tool for creating watch faces . Developers like Strava, Adidas Running, and Bitmoji are rebuilding their apps.

The renewal of Wear OS that was born under the collaboration of Google and Samsung will reach the first watches at the end of the year. In the coming months we will learn more details about its new version.