If you have been here since the beginning of the web, you may remember it. Yes, when 3DJuegos was born 16 years ago it did so as a medium exclusively focused on PC video games. Later the different consoles were added, but at first we only talked about computer software. In fact, even today the information on PC games is still one of the most consumed in the magazine, and that has given us an idea to grow. Create 3D PC Games .

Why? It is clear that all the news about the computer and its software has no place in the mothership, 3DJuegos.com, and it would end up being diluted among the information of all the platforms that we also have to cover and would not be useful for computer users. That is why we have decided to open a new medium for fans of playing on PC, one that accommodates all those games that for reasons of time and space we cannot cover on the main website, but that also allows us to cover topics that we are not doing at the moment : hardware analysis, greater attention to the world of mods and the work of the community, and much more information about offers and possibilities to improve your equipment or get a new one at the most competitive price possible.

This, of course, does not mean that at 3DJuegos.com we are going to neglect the information related to the computer, at all. On the “mother website” we will continue to inform as always about everything related to the PC. In fact, they are different media with different human teams, so fear not: everything will remain the same on 3DJuegos.com.

By Mbah Chinedu

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