Instagram comes with news in stories to make them much more attractive and interesting in terms of content. Today we tell you what the reshare tool on Instagram means.

One of the most interesting social platforms for the amount of visual content it has is Instagram. Since its launch in 2012, it has been gaining in popularity and is currently one of the most downloaded applications in the world.

From time to time Instagram presents news. Now a new resharing tool is beginning to reach users. If you want to know what the reshare tool on Instagram means, read carefully below.

The reshare tool on Instagram is used to reshare posts that have already been made on the walls of accounts you follow or on your own. You share these publications in your stories simply by clicking on a button. With the reshare button that comes by default in your Instagram application, you will not have to download or use any other third-party application as it has been done until now.

How to share posts from accounts you follow on Instagram

If you already know what the reshare tool on Instagram means and now you want to start using it, we will tell you how to share posts from accounts you follow on Instagram.

The first thing you have to do is open Instagram and create a story. Remember that you can do it either by sliding your finger from right to left on the screen or by clicking on the upper right part of the circle with your profile image.

Within the story, click on create and then click on the sticker that you have at the top of the screen, which comes with a smiley face. Now among the options that appear, choose the one to reshare. This option is located just below “music” and next to “polls”.

Now you are going to choose the content that you want to share again. You can take it from three sites: the first tab that comes with a kind of eye and a full circle is for sharing posts from the accounts you follow. In it, you will see the latest publications of your contacts that you have viewed on your wall. Tap the one you want to reshare to your stories. If the publication is more than one image, the different images that make it up will be displayed and you will have to choose one of them.

The second option that comes with a bookmark-type icon is to reshare posts that you had saved because you liked them and now want to share them in your stories. The third option with a grid icon is for sharing posts made by you on your Instagram wall.

Once you choose the publication you want to put, click on it and then you will see that it is inserted in your story, which means that it is ready to be shared. To publish it, you simply have to click on “Your story” or send it to your contacts.


This is how resharing works on Instagram

If, in addition to what the resharing tool on Instagram means, you want to know exactly how it is executed because until now it has not been clear to you how resharing works on Instagram.

Reshare what it does is that you reshare a post already made on an Instagram wall. This is something very interesting and it is a function, let’s say, similar to what it is to retweet on the Twitter platform.

Until now, to share content that you liked, you had to use other free or paid apps such as “Repost”, but from now on you won’t even have to leave Instagram to share the content again. Keep in mind that you can reshare any type of story that you create, whether it is about an image of yours or text, etc. This function is used the same as others like “polls”, “music”, etc.



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