Twitter users saw the light when they found out that, finally, this social network was going to incorporate the most demanded function for years: the edition of tweets. However, the joy of many was in a pit when they did not find this new feature and wondered why I can not edit my tweets on Twitter. The explanation is simple: the little bird’s social network wants you to pay for your right to edit, something that was outdated on Facebook a long time ago, and what’s more, in Spain it’s still not possible to enjoy this option unless we rely on a VPN.

Editing tweets will be an option that can be used by users who have subscribed to the platform’s premium service: Twitter Blue. This payment tool is only enabled in Australia, New Zealand, the US, and Canada, countries from which it would expand to the rest of the world, although several months have passed since its implementation and there is no news about it.

To the despair even of users with the Twitter Blue service contracted, the first to be able to enjoy the ability to edit their tweets and get rid of those horrible typos without having to delete the entire publication will be the New Zealanders. The tweet editing feature will come later in Australia, Canada, and the US, as developers learn more about how it’s been working in its early stages.

The vast majority of users wanted the implementation of this tool on Twitter to correct possible typos or misspellings on the fly. However, amid the era of misinformation and the generalization of hoaxes, Twitter developers may want to avoid using tweet editing to completely modify a text after a considerable time, hence the delay in implementing it to a global level.

How many times does Twitter allow you to edit a tweet?

In addition to the fact that not all users will have the right to correct their posts, an important fact about the feature has now been revealed: how many times Twitter allows you to edit a tweet. According to the specialized media TechCrunch , the social network plans to establish a limit of five editions of each tweet, a modification that had not been made public when the incorporation of the new function for Twitter Blue users was announced.

What is Twitter Blue and when does it arrive in Spain

What had transpired is that the tweets could only be edited during the initial window of 30 minutes from their publication. In other words, users who have the option to edit their content enabled will be able to do so up to five times during the first half hour. From that moment on, the tweet will be permanently written, and if you want to correct, add or modify part of its content, you will have to delete it and write it from scratch.

Twitter seems to continue to subscribe to the controversy with each news that arises from its offices. From the -for now- failed purchase of Elon Musk for 44,000 million dollars that will end up in court to its security breaches, through the number of bots and automated accounts that populate the platform, 2022 is not the most positive year for one of the oldest social networks on the Internet.

Given the latest developments and the slowness with which Twitter Blue is being implemented beyond the initial four English-speaking countries, the function of editing tweets seems to be still quite far away.


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